Wide Soft Flask Bottle – 300ml


226ers Soft Flask Ample Bottle modern sports accessory designed especially with women and men who practice routine, weight, strength and high-impact exercises, offering full-time hydration. It is made of resistant materials, comfortable, safe, with an ergonomic grip and with a capacity of 300 ml.

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The 226ers Wide Soft Flask is setting trends in a healthy lifestyle

226ers prestigious brand that is setting trends in a natural, healthy and healthy lifestyle, which is always thinking of high-impact and endurance athletes, lovers of the most demanding sports, lovers of the fitness world, professional and competitive athletes, in Today's active and hard-working women who are aware of their hydration and care of their figure, presents us with the Wide Soft Flask Bottle, a modern sports accessory with a capacity of 300 ml, comfortable, practical, and light, designed with resistant materials and Strong, durable TPU and RF welded seams with ergonomic grip.

226ers Wide Soft Flask Bottle is designed in an innovative, strong and resistant way that allows you to transport and store your energy shakes, nutritional food supplements, concentrates of your favorite fruits, or water safely to your workouts, sports routines, to the gym or the office comfortably and safely without fear of spilling its contents.

226ers Wide Soft Flask Bottle Its innovative design is comfortable, lightweight, and practical in an accessible size that you can carry with you comfortably and safely in the pockets of vests, backpacks or hydration belts, it is ideal and adaptable to all sizes. thicknesses of the hands due to its ergonomic shape, its use is unisex, the perfect option for those who are passionate about the world of extreme sports and fitness, aware and concerned about their hydration, health and comprehensive well-being. The 226ers Wide Soft Flask Bottle allows you to transport your hydration liquids quickly, comfortably and safely without fear of spillage, it is easy to clean, it does not absorb annoying odors or unpalatable flavors.

Properties of the 226ers Wide Soft Flask

  • Ideal sports accessory for athletes.
  • Its use is unisex
  • Easily fits in pockets on vests, backpacks or hydration belts.
  • With high flow valve.
  • Capacity for 300 ml.
  • Comfortable, practical, and light.
  • Designed with resistant and strong materials.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • In fresh and elegant colors.
  • It compresses while you drink the liquid.
  • Its seams are durable and resistant TPU and RF welded.
  • Can be frozen or filled with hot water.

226ers Wide Soft Flask Bottle is your perfect companion in those moments when your body needs to be fully hydrated and prepared for a day of heavy training or complicated routines, you can freeze it or simply fill it with hot water, your energy shakes, nutritional food supplements , concentrates of your favorite fruits. Its soft material adapts to any pocket, which allows you to take it with you to the office in a bag, purse or backpack, or in the pockets of vests, backpacks or hydration belts at the gym or simply in complementary activities, the Bottle Soft Flask Ample of 226 ers is your ideal companion.

recommended use: As a sports accessory, it is ideal for transporting beverages and food supplements, it is recommended during training and complementary activities where the intake of abundant liquids and hydration is required.


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