Whole Cane Sugar – 1kg – OUTLET


Wholemeal cane sugar from Ecosana is a product that is considered wholemeal since its percentage of proteins, vitamins and all the other nutrients that make up the sugarcane, which does not go through the refining process. Likewise, despite not being refined, its sweet flavor is preserved and prevents the accumulation of acids in the tissues.

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Ecosana Integral Cane Sugar, ideal for controlling pH levels in the blood

Ecosana Whole Cane Sugar is obtained after the sugar cane crushing process and later converted into fine grain, its caramel color is maintained by the presence of molasses and because it is scarce in the purification process. Other sugars on the market do not have as many concentrated nutrients as this one, this is because the others go through the refining process and whole cane sugar does not. The texture of this product is thick due to the cane molasses or the honey found.

The flavor of panela cane sugar has a pleasant taste. Cane sugar is also known as brown sugar, brown cane or brown sugar and is used to sweeten coffee, tea, juices and any other recipe which has fewer calories than those usually used. It is important to keep in mind that Ecosana's whole cane sugar contains alkaline mineral salts that strengthen healthy well-being, taking control of blood pH, which is regularly highly acidic. Likewise, it is very rich in carbohydrates that do not provide energy, it offers us many vitamins (B1, B2 and A) and there is the presence of fibers that help digestion. There is a part of our body called the duodenum that needs alkaline minerals and, if it is scarce, it will affect our health in general.

Properties of whole cane sugar from Ecosana

  • Its main ingredient is from the juice of sugar cane.
  • It is a sugar that does not go through refining, which maintains the nutrients that others do not.
  • Its taste is pleasant.
  • Preserve minerals.
  • Controls pH levels in the blood.
  • The most important thing about this product is that it is rich in alkaline mineral salts that help alkalinize our blood pH, which is usually very high.
  • It is ideal for sweetening juices, coffee, tea and other recipes.
  • 100% organic cane sugar.
  • Contains alkalines preventing acids from accumulating in connective tissues.
  • It comes directly from the juice of sugar cane.
  • Each container contains 1kg.

In routine life it is dangerous to consume white sugar in excess, and just thinking that we use it for all our drinks, foods and desserts, it is advisable to use Ecosana's whole cane sugar since you would obtain the same level of sweetness but in a healthy way. for the body, stabilizing our blood pH and preserving all the nutrients since it does not go through the refining process compared to white

recommended use: Ecosana Integral Cane Sugar can be dissolved in any drink or recipe to sweeten. Avoid daily excess.


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