Whey bar – 80g


The Whey bar is manufactured by Nutrisport with a modern formulation that contains proteins. This food supplement consists of protein bars that provide a dose of extra energy but do not add too many calories, so they are also perfect to consume during periods when you want to lose weight.

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The Nutrisport Whey bar provides 80 grams of protein to the body, achieving more energy for optimal physical performance.

The Nutrisport Whey bar contains a minimum rate of carbohydrates. This nutritional supplement is suitable to be ingested by anyone who needs to build the body. Nutrisport has designed this protein bar with a formula that is developed for a perfect ratio of carbohydrates.

The Nutrisport Whey bar quickly provides extra energy and protein to the body, thus achieving better results from physical activity. These exquisite bars are made with the best protein on the market, which contain net carbohydrates, which ensure the homogeneous release of energy. Other standard protein bars of different brands may contain a higher percentage of net carbohydrates, but in the phase of definition of muscle tissue it is necessary to eat less carbohydrates, to achieve optimal results.

The formula of these bars contains milk protein, which provides the body with a long-lasting source of protein and provides adequate protection for the muscles, delaying the symptoms of exhaustion. It has also been shown to be a product that acts effectively in the muscle definition phase. The isolates contain a minimum of carbohydrates and fats in relation to the concentrates. It is a product that provides with its formulation calories, proteins, carbohydrates and sugars. It also has dietary fiber.

This food supplement is perfect to take during muscle definition stages, improving the results of each workout. The Nutrisport Whey bar is the dose of extra energy that the body needs every day, to improve performance and optimal results of physical activity.
Protein bars are ideal to be used as meal replacements and also prevent the effects of catabolism. With this product it is possible to maintain the consumption of quality protein, improving the metabolism process and protecting the muscles. At different times of the day you need to eat a meal with a good amount of protein, for those times, these bars are what the body needs.

Properties of the Nutrisport Whey bar

  • Contains a high protein content.
  • It offers protection to the muscles from the symptoms of fatigue.
  • Made with low net carbs.
  • Increases the level of sugar in the blood.

The Nutrisport Whey bar is a perfect food supplement to get all the energy from protein, with a minimum amount of carbohydrates. In addition, you can take this product anytime and anywhere, always keeping your muscles at 100% effectiveness.

recommended use: As a nutritional supplement, it is recommended to eat one bar a day, when a rapid supply of protein to the body is needed, at any time of the day.


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