Virginia Cedar Oil – 15ml


Marnys Virginia Cedar Oil is a powerful chemotyped oil made with pure and purely natural ingredients, with astringent, expectorant, antiseptic, diuretic effects and provides great benefits for oily and combination skin. It also works as a repellent and is a perfect ally for yoga and meditation.

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Marnys Virginia Cedar Oil, ideal for performing delicious stimulating massages while protecting your skin from mosquitoes and insects!

Virginia Cedar Oil is an extraordinary oil with expectorant, diuretic, astringent, antiseptic properties and can even be used as a repellent for mosquitoes and rodents, as well as offering solutions for cystitis.

In cosmetology it is considered one of the oils with the best contributions for fighting acne, oily skin care, hair loss, seborrhea of ​​the scalp and dandruff. This oil has great benefits and all of them have been recognized since ancient times.

The Marnys Virginia Cedar Oil, is a delicate chemotyped oil extracted from the fresh bark of the Cedar tree. This wonderful product from Marnys has properties that preserve the health of the skin, specifically for oily, combination skin that has a tendency to crack. Likewise, it contains great expectorant, astringent, antiseptic, and diuretic properties and optimizes blood circulation, providing solutions for tired legs and varicose veins. It can also be used to treat external hemorrhoids and to give stimulating and toning massages.

this magnificent Marnys Virginia Cedar Oil It has a delicious aroma of wood, and thanks to its unique and relaxing aroma, it is considered a great ally for yoga, meditation and aromatherapy, serving as a stimulant to reduce the consequences of daily stress. At the same time it is a great repellent of rodents, mosquitoes and insects. This product is made with advanced technologies that ensure its health-promoting properties and effects.

Properties Virginia Cedar Oil

  • Appropriate to be used on mainly mixed and oily skin.
  • Excellent insect repellent, such as moths, mosquitoes, woodworms and even rodents.
  • It has an energizing and delicious aroma of wood.
  • Formulated with natural ingredients.
  • Contains essential oil of Virginia Cedar.

Do you want healthy, radiant skin with a delicate and subtle appearance? Marnys Virginia Cedar Oil is an excellent natural oil that will allow you to obtain well-being and health in the skin, avoid circulatory problems, protect yourself from annoying mosquitoes and obtain a state of calm and relaxation thanks to its delicious aroma of wood, ideal to energize, stimulate, regenerate and cleanse the spirit and body of daily stress. Marnys Virginia Cedar Oil is designed for anyone who seeks to add quality and purely organic products to their lives, don't wait any longer and get this wonderful essential oil now. Your body will thank you!

recommended useDirections: Avoid using it pure on the skin, for massage, it is important to dissolve it in a base of almond oil or similar, in an amount of 1% for the body.


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