Tray of 4 Burgers Gourmet Edition – 400g


Fitness Burgers Gourmet Edition Burgers offers you delicious burgers made with the best quality beef. Enjoy a tasty, juicy dish with very little fat content. Also get a high dose of protein, which is essential for tissue repair and healthy muscle gain.

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  • What are the characteristics of Fitness Burger's Gourmet Editions Hamburgers?
  • Ingredients and format of Fitness Burger Gourmet Edition Hamburgers
  • What do you get with Fitness Burger's Gourmet Edition Hamburgers?
  • Tray of 4 hamburgers
  • Gourmet Edition hamburgers from Fitness Burger, it is a delight that you cannot miss. Enjoy appetizing hamburgers without gaining weight! Try them!

    Gourmet Edition Burgers from Fitness Burger is exactly what you need to eat in an appetizing and healthy way. They are made with beef that has a low fat content. It is also one of the cuts that provides more protein. Therefore it is ideal to consume during training or in a diet to lose weight.

    What are the characteristics of Gourmet Editions Burgers from Fitness Burger?

    • They are made with beef.
    • They are low in fat.
    • They provide a large amount of protein.

    Ingredients and format Fitness Burger Gourmet Edition Burgers

    This Fitness Burger 4-burger tray offers 4 units of 100 g each.

    Each burger has the following specifications:

    • Contributes 18.7 g protein.
    • Contains 4 g carbohydrates.
    • Includes 176 kcal.
    • It has 4 g of fat, of which 2.1 g are saturated fat.

    What is achieved with Fitness Burger Gourmet Edition Burgers?

    If you want to eat healthy and enjoy an incredible flavor, you should try Fitness Burger's Gourmet Edition Hamburgers.Delight in the flavor of beef that is devoid of fat, and that will offer you a concentrated dose of protein. It has been made 98.5% from beef stifle and has been supplemented with pea proteins. In this way you can consume delicious hamburgers, which will not harm your diet. It is the best choice to have a truly nutritious diet.

    The Gourmet Edition Burgers from Fitness Burger is ideal to take care of your figure. If you want to preserve a good body volume, you do not need to deprive yourself of something delicious. You just have to choose the right foods, which provide excellent nutrition, without increasing stored fat. That's why you can give yourself the pleasure of consuming them the way you like best. You can include it in a protein diet, with the certainty that it will contribute to your energy, without gaining weight. Enjoy, delight and take care of yourself with this high quality food.

    A sports diet can also include Fitness Burger's Gourmet Edition Hamburgers. It is an effective and tasty way to ensure high quality protein in your body. This will guarantee a complete repair and regeneration of muscle tissues, more resistance and a fast and effective recovery. It will also give you the opportunity to delight your palate, without missing undesirable foods for a good physical condition, or for a healthy lifestyle. Take the opportunity to taste these hamburgers with slices of wholemeal or bran bread. Also try them with your favorite vegetables and a little low-fat cheese.

    Tray of 4 hamburgers

    • For lunch or dinner, to suit the consumer.


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