Tea Tree Essential Oil – 18 ml


Drasanvi Tea Tree Essential Oil is an incredible oil with antiseptic properties, regenerates the skin and helps heal wounds faster than other similar oils on the market. With this wonderful product you can reduce muscle and joint pain.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil, essential for the whole family thanks to its renowned medicinal and antiseptic properties.

Drasanvi Tea Tree Oil It is a substance of liquid consistency, developed from the organic compounds extracted from the melaleuca leaf, the main component of this fantastic product. is consistently recommended by specialists in alternative and conventional medicine and experts related to skin care, Thanks to its great antiseptic properties, its ingredients act as powerful bactericides and antivirals that combat conditions related to common viral conditions such as colds. Among the main benefits provided by the use of Tea Tree Essential Oil are its great anti-inflammatory, analgesic, balsamic, expectorant and healing qualities. There are many scientific studies that prove and support the excellent antiseptic power of this extraordinary product of natural origin.

Topical use of Tea Tree Essential Oil It is used frequently in athletes, athletes and fans of extreme sports and intense outdoor training to moisturize, rehydrate and rehabilitate their skin after exposure to sunlight, polluting elements and dehydration caused by sweating generated by these Training also helps reduce muscle and joint ailments caused by sports activities.This extraordinary Tea Tree oil is used and recommended by dermatologists to combat the appearance of acne, minor burns and scars caused by wounds, thanks to the regenerative and healing qualities of the ingredients that make up this natural topical substance.

Properties of Drasanvi Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • Practical container that contains 18 ml of tea tree essential oil topical solution, perfect to take anywhere.
  • Composed of totally natural ingredients, reliable for the use of any person without any type of contraindication.
  • Ideal for rehydrating and rehabilitating the skin of athletes after their arduous sports training.
  • Thanks to its analgesic qualities, it allows to reduce pain in muscles and joints.
  • Great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Provides healing and regenerative benefits in skin conditions related to burns and wounds.

The use of this oil based on melaleuca leaf extract does not have side effects or generate any type of risk, since the substance is not irritating or toxic and can be used by anyone.

recommended use: Apply a little of the Tea Tree Essential Oil solution in the area affected by training just after the respective toilet at the end of the activity. In the case of people with injuries related to burns, scars, wounds or the appearance of acne, it is recommended to apply the topical directly to the affected area 2 to 3 times a day after rinsing with plenty of water.


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