Tapa Protein Bar – 30g


Protein Tapa from MM Supplements is a delicious snack made from protein that you cannot miss. It is ideal for a snack, to accompany breakfast, or to try something sweet in a healthy way.

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  • What is Protein Tapa from MM Supplements?
  • Ingredients and format of Protein Tapa from MM Supplements
  • Recommended daily dose of Protein Tapa
  • Protein Tapa by MM Supplements

    Protein Tapa from MM Supplements is a bar made from proteins, which obtains its wonderful flavor from natural ingredients. Thanks to this, it is a healthy contribution to nutrition, with a minimal impact on body volume.

    Enjoy these tapas when you want to taste something sweet, as a snack during the day, to accompany breakfast or a snack. This snack can be the permissible of a diet, or just an occasional treat that you can enjoy knowing that it is a much more convenient nutritious option than other products of this type that the market offers.

    What is Protein Tapa by MM Supplements?

    • It is a bar made from protein.
    • It is a snack suitable for all types of people.

    Ingredients and format Protein Tapa by MM Supplements

    Protein Tapa comes in a disposable wrapper containing one 30g protein bar.

    Each 100 g of strawberry white chocolate flavor bar offers the following specifications:

    • It has 354 kcal.
    • It has 9.5 g of fat including 3.8 g of saturated fat.
    • It contributes 39.9 g of carbohydrates, including 35.2 g of sugars.
    • Provides 26.8 g of protein.
    • Provides 0.88 g of salt.

    These values ​​may change depending on the chosen flavor.

    Recommended daily dose of Protein Tapa

    • Consume moderately.
    • Preferably do not exceed 3 bars per day.
    • Open the wrapper and enjoy its incredible flavor.

    Buy MM Supplements en synonymous with quality and guaranteed guarantee. The brand's products are characterized by the use of the best raw materials in their composition.

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