Sweet Almond Oil – 500ml


Marnys Sweet Almond Oil is a natural product obtained from the mature seeds of Prunus amygdalus dulcis. It is suitable as a base oil for aromatherapy and contributes a large amount of Omega 9 that favors the skin. It is excellent for massaging or to improve the appearance of dry hair.

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Marnys Sweet Almond Oil is an excellent base essence that is very nutritious and should not be missing in your home. Check its wonderful properties!

Marnys Sweet Almond Oil is an essence obtained from the ripe seeds of prunus amygdalus dulcis. It has wonderful nutrients such as Omega 9 that soften your epidermis and restore its moisture naturally.

Perform very pleasant and relaxing massages, using it alone or with essential oils. Your skin, your hair and your nails will get a special shine. It is a beauty product with excellent natural properties. It is used for all kinds of epidermis, especially those with a greasy tendency. It even works as a make-up remover to cleanse the skin and free the pores of impurities and debris that can harm the appearance of your features.

You can combat dry skin with Marnys Sweet Almond Oil. Its nutrients act on the epidermis to relieve eczema, acne and dryness in general. When used during a massage, its components promote circulation in the dermis, which will also receive vitamin E, a great antioxidant that will help you look great. This will promote its elasticity and natural shine. In the same way, it fights cellulite and reduces stretch marks. You can combine it with oatmeal to exfoliate the skin, reducing blemishes and also combat subcutaneous eruptions. It can also be used together with other natural ingredients to improve the nutrition of homemade masks for your features.

Your hair will also look much better with Marnys Sweet Almond Oil. If you have dry ends or if you notice that it is malnourished and looks pale, you should use this essence to restore its shine and vitality. It can actually prevent hair loss and can be an amazing replacement for any hair conditioner. It will also be useful to revitalize dry nails by improving their texture. The smell of this oil is very pleasant and soft, and it will leave a very pleasant sensation on your skin, which will also help you relax after a strenuous day. If you value the benefits of natural cosmetic products, you have to have it among your most important personal products.

Properties of Sweet Almond Oil from Marnys

  • Contains oil extracted from the seeds of Prunus amygdalus dulcis.

Marnys Sweet Almond Oil is a wonderful base oil that you must have on hand for the care of your skin, hair and nails. It is the result of the seeds of prunus amygdalus dulcis that will provide you with Omega 9 and vitamin E, among other nutrients. Moisturize your skin, and also return its natural shine. It also nourishes your hair, fighting dry ends and strengthening its structure. Use it together with essential oils in aromatherapy and in natural cosmetic preparations.

Recommended use: for skin care through circular massages that promote circulation in the epidermis. For the hair, use a few drops in the palms of your hands and rub first on the dry ends, gradually rising to the scalp, which should be massaged with the fingertips. For the nails, use a cotton pad to moisturize the nails, before painting them with nail polish.


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