Rosehip Oil – 30ml


Naturlider Rosehip Oil is a renewing and moisturizing oil with antioxidant properties and a high content of essential acids omega 3, omega 6, linoleic, vitamins C, E and vitamin A important for proper cell function. Characteristics that allow it to contribute to the skin regeneration process, leaving it fresh and lush.

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  • What is NaturLíder Rosehip Oil?
  • Composition of NaturLíder Rosehip Oil
  • What is achieved with NaturLíder's Rosehip Oil?
  • Recommended daily amount of Rosa Mosqueta Oil from NaturLíder
  • Naturlider Rosehip Oil is an exquisite work of nature with a delicate and glamorous aroma for women.

    Naturlider Rosehip Oil is an oil with a soft, delicate, light texture, with a pleasant fragrance, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin, offering its restoration, regeneration and hydration of the skin. Naturlider Rosehip Oil obtained under cold pressure, rich in essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acids related to collagen that regulate the mechanisms of cell growth and tissue regeneration, antioxidants, very rich in vitamins that promote regeneration of the skin, adjuvant in the repair and delay in the signs of early aging. Reduces expression lines, improving the elasticity and appearance of the skin. 100% Naturlider Rosehip Oil provides the skin with great benefits such as hydration, freshness, freshness, softness, regenerates it, leaving it soft with shine and velvety, giving it a younger and more natural appearance.

    What is the NaturLíder Rosehip Oil?

    • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
    • therapeutic properties.
    • Increases the elasticity of the skin.
    • antioxidant properties.
    • Anti-aging.
    • Contains: omega 6, omega 3, vitamin A, C, E and linoleic.
    • Ideal for irritations.
    • Great for relaxing massages.
    • Regenerates the epidermis.
    • Lightens the growth of collagen fibers.
    • Moisturizes the scalp.
    • Regenerates the affected skin improving its appearance.
    • Strengthens the skin.
    • Ideal for the eye contour.
    • Hydrates, nourishes and restores shine to hair.
    • No side effects.

    Composition of the Rose hip oil by NaturLíder

    It is a practical oil that is easy to apply, which you can take anywhere, as it comes in a convenient presentation.

    Naturlider Rosehip Oil is 100% natural from the Rosehip, a forest with a very thin stem sheltered by thorns with many white and pink flowers, which, when each petal is dislodged, produces a reddish fruit containing numerous seeds inside. which all its purity and properties are extracted, giving way to the birth of the extraordinary oil used by famous and well-known cosmetological industries for the elaboration of many beauty and personal care products, in the same way Naturlider Rosehip Oil is widely used. therapeutically in relaxing and moisturizing massages.

    What is achieved with NaturLíder Rosehip Oil?

    Naturlider Rosehip Oil is your perfect companion in the regenerative and emollient care of the skin, considered in the therapeutic and cosmetological sphere of the moment as an extraordinary oil capable of attenuating expression lines, stretch marks, and marks without vestiges, allowing the skin to a youthful appearance with a natural glow due to its high content of omega 6 that keeps the skin hydrated, omega 3 that strengthens the skin's protective barrier, antioxidants, and a compendium of vitamins with extraordinary properties such as vitamin E, which helps in skin care skin and hair, vitamin A that keeps the skin healthy and naturally tanned, while reaffirming, repairing, hydrating and reducing inflammation, you will find all these benefits with each application.

    Recommended daily amount of Rosa Mosqueta Oil from NaturLíder

    • As a personal accessory apply on the body.
    • Apply with circular massages until completely absorbed.
    • Use preferably after bathing.


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