Recovery Bar – 50g


The Victory Endurance Recovery Bar is a delicious snack that you can enjoy at any time. This practical bar is characterized by having an exquisite chocolate coating and a wide variety of flavors, which offers you proteins and adequate proportions of nutrients, which are essential for each day-to-day routine.

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The Victory Endurance Recovery Bar provides energy and nutrients to your body in each bite, filling you with vitality and offering you a wide variety of vitamin complexes

Today it is necessary to stay active during each routine, whether it is in the case of being athletes or fins of any level, or simply people with a fairly hectic pace of life. The Victory Endurance Recovery Bar offers you everything you need to fully meet the goals you set for yourself each day, providing you with proteins, vitamins and nutrients that are essential to enjoy that energy you so desire.

This Nutritional Bar will not only provide your body with the necessary nutrients, but it also offers you an exquisite chocolate coating, combined with a wide variety of flavors, since Victory Endurance cares about making each and every one of its consumers feel a full satisfaction when trying or tasting each product of its ranges, and of course the Recovery Bar could not be the exception for this.

This Bar is intended for anyone with an active daily rhythm of life, where a supply of extra nutrients and proteins is required to renew strength and/or performance. You can enjoy this delicious snack at any time, either alone or even as a snack after your meals.In the case of being an athlete, with this bar you will be able to fully recover after your training routines, and best of all, you will achieve physical recovery without any remorse or fear of gaining weight, since this bar is completely healthy and although it has a delicious chocolate coverage, does not contain ingredients that can threaten your health.

Facts of the Victory Endurance Recovery Bar

  • completely natural product
  • Does not contain ingredients that may threaten health
  • It has a rich chocolate coating
  • Available in a wide variety of flavors, including: chocolate, whipped cream, banana and lemon yogurt
  • It is rich in proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients in physical recovery
  • It acts directly on the body, promoting excellent physical recovery after heavy training.
  • Contains approximately 16g of protein per bar and 13.3g of fat, these values ​​may change depending on the flavor of the bar

If you are looking for a product that will help you to recover quickly after strong workouts, this Recovery Bar from Victory Endurance is recommended for you. Give yourself the pleasure and pleasure of tasting a delicious snack with a wide variety of flavors and a delicious chocolate coating, while providing your body with proteins, vitamins and minerals. Forget about the remorse of eating a delicious snack and try this incredible nutritional bar that Victory Endurance has brought for you!

recommended useDirections: As a food supplement, eat a bar as a snack or snack after strong or prolonged workouts. It can be taken after meals.


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