Race Day BCAA Bar – 40g


Race Day BCAAs bar from 226ers, is a formula arranged in a bar that is very easy to chew and you can take it wherever you want, its preparation is based on natural ingredients from organic farming, it also has a vitamin complex which guarantees the care of your Health.

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  • Characteristics of the Race Day BCAAs Bar
  • Format, composition and ingredients of the Race Day BCAAs Bar
  • What is achieved with the 226ERS Race Day BCAAs Bar?
  • Recommended daily dose of the Race Day BCAAs Bar
  • 226ers Race Day BCAAs Bar: covers your energy needs prior to physical training.

    Race Day BCAAs Bar from 226ers are exquisite energy bars based on organic ingredients rich in carbohydrates, it has a content of natural fats and proteins which provide it with an easy-to-chew and digestible texture, making it ideal to take with you and consume during training. physical or in competitions, to cover the energy needs prior to the physical activity to be carried out, it is ideal for you.

    Characteristics of the Race Day BCAA Bar

    • They are a new and improved version of the Endurance Fuel Bar BCAA, being these easier to digest.
    • They help control the glycemic index, since they provide energy but reduce high insulin levels.
    • Reduced presentation that allows them to be easy to move
    • Formula with pumpkin seeds that provides necessary healthy fats and proteins.
    • Does not contain animal components, suitable for vegans.
    • Speeds up the movements of the intestinal structure, facilitating defecation

    Format, composition and ingredients of the Race Day BCAA Bar

    These energy bars make great contributions to the human body during exercise, providing the necessary energy to carry out sports activities and recovery after physical or competitive training, guaranteeing your well-being, it has an exquisite flavor of Chocolate, apple and cinnamon and banana and ginger, which will please your palate and in turn will allow your routine to be more pleasant, providing the necessary nutrients to stay healthy without spending your reserves.

    Content per dose (40 gr) dark chocolate flavor (Also available in other flavors):

    • It has an energy value of 124 kcal
    • It has 3.1 g of fat (0.7 saturated).
    • Contains 21.4 mg of carbohydrates (of which 15 g are sugars)
    • It has 2.2 mg of protein.
    • It has 0.005 g of salt
    • Contains 6 mg of vitamin E
    • Contains 40 mg of Vitamin C
    • It has 0.55 mg of Vitamin B1
    • It has 0.7 mg of Vitamin B2
    • Contains 8 mg of Vitamin B3
    • It has 0.7 mg of Vitamin B6
    • Contains 100 µg of folic acid
    • Contains 1.25 µg of Vitamin B12
    • It has 25 µg of Biotin
    • Contains 3 mg of pantothenic acid

    What is achieved with 226ERS Race Day BCAA Bar?

    Race Day BCAAs 226-ers bar is a sports supplement that provides the necessary energy before or during training.

    • Activate your body filling you with energy and carbohydrates
    • recommended for athletes
    • They can be consumed by men and women, in strenuous training and during competitions

    Recommended daily dose of the Race Day BCAAs Bar

    • Consume the number of bars necessary, depending on the intensity and duration of the training
    • Consume in the middle of training, one bar every 30-60 minutes or before starting the sport, to satisfy the energy requirements prior to it.


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