QBar Protein Bar – 60g


QBar Protein bar from Quamtrax is a chocolate-flavored protein snack to eat before or after training and help maintain muscle mass. Thanks to its low calorie, sugar and fat content, it is a diet bar to control eating, generate a feeling of satiety and reduce body weight.

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QBar Protein bar from Quamtrax, a rich source of protein for the maintenance of muscle mass

QBar Protein from Quamtrax is a delicious protein snack that helps maintain muscle mass and is a great source of energy to give everything in the gym. In addition, thanks to its low content of sugar, calories and fat, it is an excellent appetizer to follow a balanced diet and maintain the ideal weight.

Any athlete or person who has a training plan in the definition stage can benefit from the consumption of a QBar Protein bar from Quamtrax since a 60 gr serving provides the body with approximately 19.4 gr of milk protein, which is an adequate amount to prevent the loss of muscle mass while reducing the percentage of body fat.

In general, protein consumption is not only indicated to achieve greater definition of the muscles, it is also ideal to increase strength and development, therefore, eating a Quamtrax QBar Protein bar before or after training is enough to help the body maintain muscle mass and obtain better tissue recovery. In addition, a QBar Protein bar from Quamtrax contains the best quality fiber that will stimulate the proper functioning of the intestinal tract, and as if that were not enough, it will increase the feeling of satiety so it is unlikely to feel sudden impulses to eat unhealthy food.

Normally, there are snacks to consume during physical activity, however, most of them have a high content of calories, sugars and fats that do not provide any positive benefit to nutrition and physical performance. The good news is that QBar Protein from Quamtrax is the perfect snack to control your diet and achieve your goals in sport.

Properties of the Quamtrax QBar Protein Bar

  • Rich source of the highest quality dairy protein
  • Covers daily protein requirements
  • Helps maintain muscle mass
  • Low in calories, sugar and fat
  • Contains fiber for greater satiety
  • Power source at any time of the day
  • Ideal for controlling food and maintaining an ideal weight

It is not necessary to give up the sweet taste of a snack to obtain visible and satisfactory results in sports training, today incorporating a Quamtrax QBar Protein Bar to your caloric intake is the best alternative to enjoy a delicious chocolate-flavored snack, and at the same time At the same time, provide all the protein necessary to cover the daily requirements in the body.

recommended use: Consume a bar before or after training, always at snack time.


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