Protein Nuts bar – 40g


Amix Protein Nuts bar is a high-fiber protein bar, whose main function is to help develop, maintain and protect muscle mass and satisfy appetite.

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  • What is the Amix Nutrition Protein Nuts Bar taken for?
  • Why buy the Protein Nuts Bar?
  • How do you take the Protein Nuts Bar?
  • Biography / Scientific studies
  • Protein Nuts bar from Amix Nutrition

    • It is a food supplement developed in the form of a protein bar, based on nuts and enriched with a source of protein and fiber.

    What is it taken for? Protein Nuts bar from Amix Nutrition

    • Ideal to help maintain or decrease body weight.
    • It has a satiating capacity and contributes to the increase and conservation of muscle mass.
    • Helps promote a healthy and balanced diet.
    • It allows to complement in a healthy and nutritious way the intake of proteins and fibers.

    why buy the Protein Nuts bar?

    • Suitable for athletes and professional athletes who wish to preserve a healthy and balanced diet.
    • It has a composition based on a source high in fiber and protein, free of GMO and genetically modified organisms.
    • Easy to transport and ideal to consume at any time of the day.

    How do you take the Protein Nuts bar?

    • It is recommended to eat a protein bar a day.
    • Consume preferably after physical training activities, especially if this has been high impact.

    Biography / Scientific studies

    • Reyna N, Moreno Rojas R, Mendoza L, Parra K, Linares S, Reyna E, Cámara Martos F. Formulation of nutritional bars with proteins: glycemic index and satiety effect. Hospital Nutrition. 2016 [2021].

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