Protein Muesli Bar – 30g


Protein Muesli Bar from BiotechUSA has all the flavor of muesli and offers you a higher content of protein, minerals and vitamins. It has been sweetened with dietary ingredients, which give it a delicious taste. You cannot miss out on this healthy snack, which will help with your muscle formation and will provide you with energy.

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BiotechUSA Protein Muesli Bar is delicious, crispy and very nutritious. It is the perfect snack to consume between meals and to ensure excellent nutrition!

Protein Muesli Bar from BiotechUSA is a tasty and nutritious snack with which you can cover your daily protein requirements. It also has minerals, vitamins and has been sweetened in dietary form so as not to add calories to your diet.

Enjoy this delicious and very healthy snack before or after training. It will contribute favorably to your daily synthesis of amino acids, which is essential to increase your muscle mass. It also has a delicious flavor that you can enjoy at any time. It is an excellent snack, allowed to add favorably to any type of diet. All its ingredients have been carefully selected to promote excellent nutrition.

Delight your palate and ensure your protein supply with BiotechUSA Protein Muesli Bar. It is the source of amino acids that your body needs to cover two aspects: muscle growth and energy production. In all physical activity you need to ensure a high level of this nutrient to make your tissues repair, regenerate and also grow in size. Do not forget that they are also essential for the production of energy. In addition to providing yourself with these in your diet or in your supplementation, you can also consume them through this great-tasting snack with excellent nutritional quality.If you want to try something sweet, this should be your choice.

Think of the Protein Muesli Bar as its own food for all kinds of diets. Do not hesitate to consume it between meals, at breakfast or as a snack. You can have it at your disposal if you are hungry when you are not at home. With this you can replace a protein shake, if your day is very fast. You will even assimilate dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that are always welcome in a good diet. These come from nuts and peanuts that make up a delicious muesli, a delicacy frequently recommended to contribute to a complete diet. Don't miss out on this healthy, delicious snack that is an amazing treat in itself.

Specifications of Protein Muesli Bar from BiotechUSA for each 30g:

These values ​​may change depending on the flavor of the bar.

  • Provides 105 kcal in energy.
  • Contains 2 g of fat including 0.8 g of saturated fat.
  • It has 20 g of carbohydrates that include 1.8 g of sugars and 6.6 g of polyols.
  • Contributes 3 g of protein.
  • It has 1.7 g of fiber.

Protein Muesli Bar from BiotechUSA is a delicious snack with an excellent nutritional composition. Delight yourself with its flavor achieved in a dietary way. It is a snack that will provide you with proteins, minerals and vitamins, which favor an excellent diet. It is excellent to reinforce your energies before or after training. You can consume it between meals, or as an exquisite and healthy snack.

Recommended use: consume moderately, preferably up to 2 per day.


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