Pro Crunch Bar – 35g


The Pro Crunch Bar from Best Protein is an ideal snack size protein bar to satisfy hunger as well as providing nutrients and proteins to the body before and after training, in addition, the multiple vitamins it contains make it a powerful handheld fat burner.

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Pro Crunch bar from Best Protein, practical and portable protein

Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders who require snacks between meals and workouts to achieve the desired results, the Best Protein Pro Crunch Bar promises to be the ideal ally of nutrition and good physical results. With around 38g of protein per unit and the multiple vitamins and minerals that it includes, it is ideal for increasing and strengthening muscle mass while facilitating fat burning, so it will be especially useful in training stages where you need to lose weight. weight and gain muscle at the same time. Thanks to the action of filtered whey protein and creatine, in addition to the vitamins and minerals contained in each Best Protein Pro Crunch Bar, the results will be noticeable in the body's performance during training.

Protein bars are an important addition to the diet of anyone who starts and seeks to maintain a life in the gym or in sports, since many times they will not have enough time to eat or due to special diets they will require snacks and snacks throughout the day. day. The Pro Crunch Bar from Best Protein, in addition to its delicious texture and varied flavors, will be of great help for those people who require a greater amount of protein in their daily intake. The vitamins and minerals collaborate with the regeneration and formation of new tissue, increasing muscle volume. If it is complemented with the appropriate exercises and a healthy and balanced diet, the results will be visible from the first month of use.By eating one Best Protein Pro Crunch Bar a day you will be giving your body 38g of protein, vitamins, minerals, creatine and just over 530 calories.

Properties of the Pro Crunch Bar from Best Protein

  • 38 grams of filtered whey protein per unit
  • Creatine, which increases energy and endurance
  • Multiple vitamins and minerals
  • Just over 530 calories
  • Facilitates fat burning
  • Sugar free, sweetened with fructose

Start or improve your exercise routines with the nutrition you need and deserve, try the Best Protein Pro Crunch Bar and start enjoying all these incredible benefits, available in three flavors: Hazelnut, Strawberry and Yogurt-Cinnamon.

recommended use: Snack between meals or training, occasional substitute for main meals, the ideal is to eat one Best Protein Pro Crunch Bar a day, before or after training.


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