Organic Linseed Oil – 500ml


Bio Linen Oil from Ecosana is the ingredient that you should add to your kitchen. It is virgin flax oil that has been obtained from flax seeds of organic origin that has been exposed to a cold pressing process. You have to try it to change the flavor of your meals and to improve your eating quality.

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  • Essential aspects of Organic Flax Oil from EcoSana
  • What is in each shot of EcoSana Organic Flax Oil?
  • Why consume this Organic Flax Oil from EcoSana?
  • How to take Bio Linseed Oil?
  • Bio Linen Oil from Ecosana is a delicious addition to your kitchen, which also contributes profoundly to your nutrition. It is of ecological origin! What are you waiting to try it?

    Bio Linen Oil from Ecosana is a high quality ingredient that you have to incorporate into your meals. It has been made by cold pressing seeds of organic origin. It is a very valuable option to use cold, since it is delicious and very nutritious.

    Essentials of Organic Linseed Oil from EcoSana

    • Obtained from flaxseed of organic origin.
    • Achieved from cold pressing.
    • It contributes a large amount of nutrients.

    What's in each shot of the Organic Linseed Oil from EcoSana?

    Organic Linen Oil from Ecosana comes in a bottle containing 250 ml.

    The specifications for each 500 ml are as follows:

    • It offers 900 Kcal.
    • It contributes 100 g of fat including 9 g of saturated fat.

    why consume this Organic Linseed Oil from EcoSana?

    Bio Linen Oil from Ecosana is a delicious product made from organically sourced flaxseeds. It has been achieved by cold pressing and is a tasty option for your kitchen. The result is an oil that you can use cold in numerous dishes. It not only offers you a different flavor. It has excellent nutritional qualities that you cannot miss. It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, in abundance.It is usually present in this amount only in oily fish. It also provides you with fiber and protein, in the same way as monounsaturated and saturated oils.

    You will have a really healthy diet if you use this Organic Flax Oil from Ecosana. It has the ability to lower cholesterol levels, which is excellent for relieving heart problems and preventing them from manifesting. In the same way, it is an excellent regulator of intestinal activity, since it promotes greater motility when problems such as constipation occur. Its ability to lubricate the colon helps eliminate toxins, making it an excellent support for weight loss. It should not be forgotten that it also provides excellent anti-inflammatory benefits, and that it offers good support to reduce cellulite and improve skin elasticity.

    Use this Organic Flax Oil from Ecosana in salads or to dress those meals in which you would usually use butter or some kind of oil with triglycerides. Choose this much healthier and more appetizing option that will also help you renew the way you eat. It is what you have to have to take care of yourself and fully contribute to your nutrition.

    It is excellent for people who want to lower cholesterol, for diabetics since it lowers blood sugar and for vegetarians, since it provides proteins and fatty acids of great importance.

    How to take Bio Linseed Oil?

    • Use in foods to taste of the consumer.
    • Do not heat. Consume cold to take advantage of its nutrients.


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