Organic Argan Oil – 50ml


Marnys Biological Argan Oil is a product made entirely naturally with a fluid and light texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin, obtained from the juice of the fruits of Argan, a tree native to Morocco. This product is ideal for nourishing your hair and skin no matter what type it is.

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With Marnys Bio Argan Oil, give your skin and hair that softness and nutrition that they have lost over time

With its totally natural antioxidant properties, Argan is ideal for regenerating the skin and slowing down the appearance of those annoying wrinkles. Knowing all this, Marnys today brings to the market its new product, Organic Argan Oil, made with you in mind, who submit your body daily to the incessant rays of the sun and the factors that can generate unhealthy skin diseases for your body, likewise it offers hydration and nutrition to those skins already punished by these harmful evils.

The Argan is the tree from which its best fruits are extracted to formulate this wonderful product in a natural way. With the Marnys Organic Argan Oil you can have an essential ally to give your skin the smoothness it requires, so if you have dry skin or lack of hydration, this product is essential for you, because with its natural elements it can restore vitality and regenerate your skin, with effects that will retard its natural aging. This product is an agent specialized in offering the dermis a restructuring, so that it remains deeply hydrated.

The Marnys Organic Argan Oil It also provides nutrition and softness to your hair, whether dry, oily or damaged by the sun, giving it shine, ease and vitality, and reducing the loss of hair protein, which will also prevent premature hair loss.Marnys products are subjected to rigorous biological tests to bring quality supplements for your personal care to the market.

Properties of Marnys Bio Argan Oil

  • 100% natural product and free of harmful chemical elements.
  • Ideal antioxidant effect for your dry skin or lack of hydration.
  • Helps effectively prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Nourishes and gives life to your hair.
  • Strengthens the scalp preventing premature hair loss.
  • Provides an extra layer of protection against the effects of sun and wind.
  • Regenerates the lost cells of the dermis and prevents the appearance of spots due to sun exposure.
  • Maintains the vitality and smooth texture of your skin.
  • Contains 100% natural Argan oil

With Marnys products you can be sure that your skin care will be in good hands, with Bio Argan Oil you can count on a multipurpose product that will offer your skin and hair the nutrition, hydration and vitality that you have been looking for so much. . Do not miss the opportunity to have a product with so many benefits, and above all totally natural.

recommended use: For use on the skin, as an oil you can apply directly to the neck or face, massaging until it is completely absorbed, on the hair it is applied directly on it being wet and clean before combing.


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