Nuts & Honey bar – 35g


The Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA is an exquisite snack that will make your snacks the richest and most nutritious moments, since it has been made entirely with honey, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and other dried fruits, which provide a great content of fiber, protein, energy and healthy fats, which favor your diet very well.

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The Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA is the richest snack to delight. Made with honey, hazelnuts and nuts, very abundant in nutrients

The Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA is a delicious and great snack that has been made with honey, hazelnuts and different nuts, which in addition to providing a delicious flavor, also provide excellent nutrients. This product is an appropriate source of energy, fiber and protein that can benefit you before your workout or between meals.

It's tasty Nuts & Honey bar from Biotech USA It is the snack that we have all been waiting to consume at any time of the day, and in this way provide the body with a large list of nutrients that will favor nutrition. It is a crunchy bar that is made up of pieces of peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and honey, which will provide an exceptional percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and abundant fats, only useful and healthy.

With these nutritional virtues, this indulgent Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA becomes a highly suitable alternative for those who want to consume an appetizing snack every day, either before playing sports, for an afternoon snack or equally to eat something tasty and delicious. nutrition between meals. Its flavor is really excellent and delicious to enjoy, it is also sweetened with natural and authentic honey to further collaborate with an extremely light and acceptable diet.

Is Nuts & Honey bar from Biotech USA Athletes can enjoy it, as its high protein content (7.1 g per unit) makes it a perfect snack to help provide more protein throughout the day, mainly to preserve muscle mass. Even this product contributes to some extent with the growth and maintenance of muscle tissues, as well as preserving the health of healthy and normal bones.

By eating this rich Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA, without a doubt the body will be more nourished, it will also provide satisfaction due to its high percentage of fiber. In the same way, its excellent contribution of carbohydrates is ideal to improve the energy impulse, and in this way help to carry out any sporting or physical task.

This Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA is made with safe and very well selected ingredients. That is why it is a ready and appropriate snack to delight!

Specifications of the Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA for 1 bar unit (35 gr)

  • Made with peanuts (55%), almond pieces (10%), honey (5%), hazelnuts (2%), Brazil nut (2%)
  • It has an energy value of 190 kcal
  • With 13 gr of fat
  • Of which 1.5 g are saturated fatty acids
  • Provides 12 grams of carbohydrates
  • Of which 7.9 gr are sugars
  • With 7.2 grams of protein
  • With 2.1 grams of fiber
  • With only 0.06 gr of salt

Feeling hungry is not a whim of the body, rather it is a necessity. That's why you meet their demands with this tasty Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA. The most nutritious and healthy snack!

recommended use: eat this Nuts & Honey Bar as a succulent healthy snack, at any time of the day, between meals, before or after exercise, for an afternoon snack, or in the middle of the morning.


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