Nuts & Fruits bar – 40g


Nuts&Fruits Bar from BiotechUSA is a delicious bar, an excellent source of concentrated nutrients from nuts, peanuts and dried fruits, covered by a delicious layer of chocolate. It also includes dietary fiber and wheat flour with processed cereals. Consume it to ensure healthy fat, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in your body.

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Nuts & Fruits bar from BiotechUSA is a tasty snack that will reinforce your nutrition and increase your energy. A snack that you cannot miss!

Nuts & Fruits Bar from BiotechUSA is an exquisite snack that brings together the flavor of walnuts, peanuts and dried fruits, with a tasty chocolate coating. It also contains various seeds that make up a delicious treat and at the same time very nutritious.

It will increase your energy if you train and will satisfy your hunger between meals. It offers you high quality vegetable proteins, healthy fats, fiber, healthy carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fiber. It contains a layer of chocolate that gives it flavor and contributes its nutrients, without excess sugar. It is a source of energy that can replace the consumption of bananas, a fruit frequently consumed before exercising the body.

If you want a source of nutrients that also has a great taste, you should choose Nuts & Fruits bar from BiotechUSA. Contains peanuts that provide an excellent level of vegetable proteins of great nutritional value, along with fats, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Almonds incorporate polyunsaturated fats, B vitamins, magnesium, Omega 6 and Copper. And its various dried fruits provide dietary fiber and numerous vitamins and minerals. All these ingredients make it an excellent choice to contribute to a healthy diet, and to satisfy the desire to try a sweet snack, which helps to replenish energy in a balanced way.

Recover energy quickly and effectively with this Nuts & Fruits bar from BiotechUSA. The cereals. that have received a special format, give it an appetizing crunchy texture. The layer of chocolate completes a delicious flavor that goes very well with its concentration of dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Trust in the choice of these ingredients that have been chosen to strengthen your strength, through nutrients that come from foods with the best nutritional concentration. This bar is ready to be consumed, between meals or as a snack between main meals. It guarantees in your body fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins that your body needs to perform with the greatest vitality.

Specifications of the BiotechUSA Nuts & Fruits Bar per bar (40g):

  • It offers 202 kcal of energy.
  • Provides 12 g of fat including 3.7 g of saturated fat.
  • Provides 19 g of carbohydrates including 15 g of sugars.
  • Contributes 2.4 g of fiber.
  • It has 6.2 g of protein.

Nuts & Fruits Bar from BiotechUSA is an exquisite snack that you can easily enjoy at any time. It is made with peanuts, nuts, dried fruit and seeds, covered in a delicious layer of chocolate. Consume it to strengthen your vitality after training and to calm your hunger between main meals. You will have at your disposal a source of vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. If you want to give yourself a little pleasure, you have to give yourself the opportunity to try it.

Recommended use: consume moderately, preferably only one bar per day.


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