Nordic birch conditioner Urtekram – 180 ml


This pleasant Conditioner, Nordic birch Urtekram, protects your hair daily against dryness and daily aggressions. If you use it as a complement to your favorite shampoo, during the shower, you can give your hair a rich sensation, with more hydration, shine and silkiness. This healthy product is made with plant extracts and a lovely natural fragrance.

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With the Nordic birch Urtekram Conditioner there is no hair that can resist, an ecological product, so accommodating and moisturizing

The Nordic birch Urtekram Conditioner is a healthy product that you can use on a daily basis, for the very complete and healthy care of your hair, since it keeps it hydrated, nourishes the scalp, provides softness, facilitates combing, and helps to that you can handle it, more easily, whether dry or wet. In addition, this conditioner has an exquisite natural fragrance, so that when you use it, your hair gives off a completely pleasant aroma.

The Nordic birch conditioner Urtekram It is the faithful companion of your shampoo, since it is used in the shower, just after removing all the impurities from your hair. In this way, this organic product covers your clean hair with its active ingredients, and then closes the hair cuticle, thus allowing each plant nutrient to penetrate deeply to enhance the effects of healthy hair.

Thanks to plant active ingredients, this excellent conditioner pampers your hair without weighing it down, leaving it silkier and easier to comb. In fact, its combination helps the hair to restore its balance, and therefore appear more protected on a daily basis, with fewer signs of abuse, perhaps caused by excessive blow-drying, applying dyes, even by burning summer sun.

Definitely, this organic conditioner is a must when it comes to hair beauty, which you can use daily, or certain days a week. This will depend on the needs of your hair and how much you want to take care of it. In addition, this product has a rich fragrance, coming from its herbal extracts. Therefore, when you apply it during a relaxing bath, you will really enjoy the process, feeling your hair fresh and pleasant, from the moment you wash it until its next application.

You can also complement this vegetable product with a hair ampoule, especially to reinforce the firm and very healthy structure of your hair, and thus achieve better maintenance. East Nordic birch conditioner Urtekram It is an ecological personal care product that expresses all its naturalness with supreme quality, from the elaboration of its very organic packaging, to its light content, full of incredible nutrition.

Properties of this Nordic birch Urtekram Conditioner

  • Moisturizes the hair, provides silkiness and helps highlight the shine of each hair strand
  • Allows to disinherit the hair, providing more lightness
  • With organic components, obtained from natural vegetables
  • With a delicious fragrance, which leaves hair fresh, more pleasant
  • suitable for vegans

Hair is so delicate that taking care of it with this type of organic product is the most suitable and suggested thing you can do for it, to keep it fully healthy. For this reason, use this rich Nordic birch Urtekram Conditioner as the ideal complement to your shampoo. You will get the mane, which you have always wanted.

recommended use: you should apply a little of this ecological conditioner on previously clean hair, and then spread gently, from the ends, without reaching the root. Finally, let it act for 2 or 3 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water.


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