Natural Cleansing Oil – 150ml


The new Prisma Natural Natural Make-up Remover Oil is a product for cosmetic use, designed to offer an easy, simple and efficient way to remove make-up from your face without mistreating your skin, but on the contrary, it cares for it and offers the best ingredients so that In addition to being a make-up remover, it also works as an excellent treatment for dry skin.

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  • Essential aspects of Prisma Natural Natural Cleansing Oil
  • Composition of Prisma Natural Natural Cleansing Oil
  • What is Prisma Natural Natural Cleansing Oil used for?
  • How to use Natural Cleansing Oil?
  • Removing make-up has never been so easy and healthy, with the new properties and natural characteristics offered by Prisma Natural's Natural Make-up Removing Oil.

    Prisma Natural Natural Make-up Remover Oil is a make-up remover oil of natural origin, which uses ingredients of the highest quality and with the best properties for your skin, in such a way that it not only works as an effective make-up remover, but can also offer you a treatment excellent for the care of the skin of your face after makeup. Prisma Natural Natural Makeup Remover Oil is completely safe and especially recommended for dry skin, capable of dissolving any type of makeup with just one application. Do not hesitate to purchase this wonderful product from the prestigious Prisma Natural brand, and start taking care of your skin even when you remove your makeup.

    Essentials of Prisma Natural Natural Cleansing Oil

    • It is an effective makeup remover
    • Ideal for dry skin
    • Contains ingredients of natural origin
    • Works as an excellent skin treatment
    • Has antioxidant properties
    • Offers deep hydration to facial skin
    • Dermatologically tested and approved

    Composition of the Natural Cleansing Oil by Natural Prism

    Prisma Natural's Natural Cleansing Oil comes in a convenient liquid format, packaged in a practical 150 ml bottle with a dispenser pump for easy application of its content.

    The ingredients of Prisma Natural Natural Cleansing Oil are characterized by their totally natural origin, but also by the excellent quality and purity of each one of them. Its main components are:

    • Ultra pure extra virgin olive oil, obtained through an advanced process with patented Oleaster technology.
    • Contains Beta-Sitosterol extracted from olive leaves.
    • It also incorporates premium quality rosemary essential oil.

    What is the used for Prisma Natural Natural Cleansing Oil?

    Prisma Natural Natural Cleansing Oil is a product designed with two main purposes. The first and most obvious is to be a cosmetic product to effectively remove makeup from your face, leaving your skin clean and free of makeup residue that can contaminate it. Secondly, to offer an effective treatment for the care of the skin of your face, hydrating and caring for it through the natural properties offered by its ingredients.

    This product is intended for all skin types, so anyone can use it, including people with noticeably dry skin. Its use is completely safe and effective, offering guaranteed results without side effects.

    How to use Natural Cleansing Oil?

    • Apply a small amount to the skin of the face, including the eyes, and then gently massage until all makeup is dissolved, then rinse with clean water.
    • Use whenever you want to remove makeup from your skin
    • Use as many times as you need


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