Myrrh Essential Oil – 15ml


Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil is a 100% natural product that uses ingredients of unbeatable purity, which makes it a chemotyped and ecological oil. This extraordinary product uses as its main ingredient the essential oil of myrrh resin.

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Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil, the oil of 100% natural origin, which offers you a healthy and versatile way to enjoy the benefits of myrrh.

Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil is an essential oil made from myrrh resin or Commiphora abyssinica, in whose manufacturing process, the rubbery texture resin obtained from the bark of this tree is exuded, where once dry it can take on a yellowish to reddish color.

Myrrh has been a valued natural product since ancient times, from which there are very old references to its medicinal use and as an aromatic essence. Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil uses myrrh using advanced processes that keep all its properties intact, resulting in an extraordinary essential oil with a delicious smell, with a bitter touch, which will undoubtedly give your preparations a unique and pleasant flavor. to taste.

The Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil It is a very versatile product, since it can be used in several different ways, being excellent in all of them. This wonderful essential oil works very well in aromatherapy sessions, perfuming with its sweet smell and impregnating the place with this extraordinary fragrance. Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil is also perfect for food uses, allowing you to prepare delicious meals with an exotic, different and undoubtedly delicious touch that will make your preparations stand out.Being a 100% natural oil, it is totally healthy for the body, it has no side effects, so its consumption as food is totally safe and it is also perfectly suitable for vegan consumption.

But that is not all, but also the Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil It works as an oil to give and receive massages, since its soft texture is pleasant to the touch, while leaving the skin with a pleasant and delicious smell. Being a pure myrrh oil, it also has properties and benefits on a physical level, where it can be used to promote rapid wound healing, but also to treat certain gastrointestinal discomforts. Likewise, the Essential Oil of Myrrh from Marnys has also been shown to be effective for toothaches and sore throats.

Properties of Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil

  • It is made from 100% natural and pure myrrh resin.
  • It has a pleasant exotic aroma
  • It is ideal for aromatherapy sessions
  • It works perfectly to prepare delicious meals
  • It is used to perfume spaces
  • As a topical use, it serves as an excellent healing agent.

The new Marnys Myrrh Essential Oil is an extraordinary product that will give you the possibility of consuming a healthy oil and also an excellent essential oil to perfume spaces with its extraordinary and exotic aroma.

recommended use: As a product for edible use and/or as a product for aromatherapy purposes, it is recommended to consume it by diluting 1 to two drops in 250g of juice, food, infusion, salad, etc. It should be consumed maximum once a day. In the case of being used in aromatherapy, it can be used to give gentle body massages.


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