myprotein shake 25g protein – 330ml


Nutrisport MyProtein Shake is a shake designed with ingredients that offer benefits for all active people and athletes of all kinds who need to consume protein to increase their performance and maintain their muscles, as well as being ideal for those who undergo hypocaloric diets.

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MyProtein Shake from Nutrisport, a high-protein, low-fat shake

Nutrisport MyProtein Shake is a ready-to-drink drink made from whey protein, It is also a shake designed for those who want to consume high-quality protein with the added bonus of having a low fat and carbohydrate content, making it ideal for those people on strict diets, such as calorie restriction, and who also be a practical product that can be carried anywhere, saving a lot of time, adapting to the needs of people with little time to prepare complicated protein shakes.

MyProtein Shake from Nutrisport contains ingredients that make it a shake of excellent quality and that provides great benefits to the consumer, it is a great source of minerals, among these are Calcium and Phosphorus from dairy, the combination of both favors good bone health and a great muscle recovery after training, in addition to Magnesium which is an ideal mineral for athletes or athletes with high physical performance, as it helps prevent and combat muscle injuries, cramps, fatigue and muscle fatigue also helps its function as blood purifier, while stimulating good cardiovascular health.

MyProtein Shake from Nutrisport is great as a recovery after an intense workout or as a supplement to increase the quantity and quality of proteins that are ingested, also helping to cover the needs of Vitamin B6, an important vitamin in the proper metabolism of proteins and is essential For energy metabolism, this occurs because vitamin B6 breaks down proteins, that is, the more exercise you do, the more you need to take Vitamin B6, and Nutrisport's MyProtein Shake covers that need.

Nutrisport MyProtein Shake Properties

  • High protein concentration.
  • Low content of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Provides essential and branched amino acids to the body.
  • Covers the body's need for Vitamin B6.
  • Great source of arginine, and minerals.
  • It comes in 5 delicious flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Fruit and Pineapple-Coconut.
  • Practical container, ideal to take anywhere.
  • Attractive design.

MyProtein shake from Nutrisport provides essential and branched amino acids to help in the recovery and maintenance of muscle mass, ideal for people who do not want to consume large amounts of carbohydrates or fats, such as in periods of definition, weight loss or simply to help to protect the muscles.

recommended use: Take 1 bottle after training. Shake well before taking.


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