Mousse Bar – 40g


The Beverly Nutrition Mousse Bar is a hyper-protein bar with a delicious mousse flavor, which provides 17 grams of milk protein per unit, maximizing muscle growth and regeneration thanks to its premium proteins.

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Mousse Bar from Beverly Nutrition, quality proteins with a delicious flavor

The Beverly Nutrition Mousse Bar is the ideal snack to nourish the body with quality protein after those arduous and intense workouts where the muscle needs nutrients to regenerate and grow correctly. For each bar, 17 grams of protein, 38 grams of carbohydrates and around 220 calories are consumed, making it an excellent option to consume before or after rigorous training or as a complement to diets to lose weight in which you want to maintain muscle volume. to the top

The importance of protein bars in diets to increase muscle while looking to reduce the percentage of fat is not a secret to anyone. These small snacks are specially made to meet this goal, providing quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, few carbohydrates and low calories for a more pronounced and noticeable muscle gain. In addition, it includes an ideal multivitamin complex to provide energy and resistance to the body, making training much more viable and greatly improving overall body performance. Its high protein content inhibits the appetite and generates a feeling of satiety, making it perfect to be consumed at snack times and in main meals in emergencies.A peculiarity is that this bar has a sublime mousse flavor, with which you will feel that it literally dissolves in your mouth, making it a delicious, nutritious snack and, above all, a support in your construction of bigger and stronger muscles.

Properties of the Beverly Nutrition Mousse Bar

  • Practical presentation of 40 grams per unit
  • 17 grams of the highest quality dairy protein per unit
  • Just over 200 calories per bar
  • Multiple vitamins and minerals
  • Increases muscle gain
  • Improves the body's protein absorption
  • Helps burn fat in weight loss regimens
  • Eliminate anxiety after training by consuming food
  • suppresses appetite

A delicious snack that is worth carrying in your backpack for those tough workouts, the Mousse Bar from Beverly Nutrition promises, in addition to helping you maintain and increase your muscles, a delicious sensation in the mouth while you eat it in any of its delicious flavors. : yogurt, strawberry or chocolate. It is a bar that will undoubtedly make you smile in your daily routine.

recommended use: One or two bars a day before or after training and as a snack after any main meal.


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