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McPro Bars from Amix, this pleasant protein bar has a high content of whey protein of excellent quality and carbohydrates that provide the energy that your muscles need to withstand training sessions and physical exercise, since it accelerates muscle regeneration. and helps your increase after training sessions.

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Amix McPro bars, ideal snack for the whole day

McPro bars are nice protein bars that are high in whey protein and carbohydrates, making them ideal for providing energy to the muscles.

Amix McPro bars take over the food space of athletes and active people in physical exercise, and are a pleasant and healthy snack to be consumed at any time of the day. They provide those who consume them with the energy and proteins necessary to achieve muscle and energy recovery after intense training, as well as help maintain muscles and develop muscle mass. Because it is a rich bar that provides proteins that help those who consume them to strengthen their muscle fiber, it is considered the great companion of those who are dedicated to physical exercise and the practice of some sport. It is the ally to accelerate the regeneration of fibers and achieve an increase in muscle mass after training routines. Those who perform intense training to achieve strong muscles and an increase in their volume need a healthy and sufficient diet to meet these demands. If they manage to rely on the Amix McPro bars, they will have the closest possibility of achieving the proposed objective.

These are made with milk proteins, glucose syrup, powdered milk mixture, vegetable oil, whole milk, soy lecithin and flavoring, vegetable fat, Inulin, powdered milk, sorbitol, glycerin, fructose syrup, sugar, aromas , citric acid, whose nutritional content is concentrated in calories, proteins, carbohydrates and total fats. They are available to the consumer in attractive and practical packaging, to be consumed by athletes and people who have a demanding routine physical activity, and can be consumed at any time of the day, before or after a training session, by those who perform some physical activity. or by athletes dedicated to the practice of any discipline that requires physical training, because the protein content of McPro bars provides the muscles with the sufficient and necessary energy to achieve a rigorous training without leading to fatigue or muscular stress.

Properties of Amix McPro Bars

  • They have whey proteins of the highest quality
  • They can be consumed at any time of the day
  • It is a source of energy to recover the energy used during training.

Train and don't run out of strength. Consume your healthy, protein, energy and practical bar.

recommended use: you can consume a bar at breakfast, lunch, snack or between meals. The recommended is between one or two bars a day. The consumption of the bars will allow you to improve your recovery capacity, help muscle growth, will allow you to improve your recovery capacity, help muscle growth, but at no time does it replace the physical activity necessary to achieve that goal of Health

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