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Masons Bag from Fitmark is an excellent compact suitcase for those athletes and sportsmen who are also parents. Fitmark's Masons Bag is designed not only to store what the athlete needs for their exercise day or travel, but also to carry everything your baby needs for the day, from clothes to bib, very well organized.

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Fitmark Masons bag, the suitcase with a sporty and attractive design, in which you can carry what you need for your trip, sport or exercise routine and everything your baby needs for the day.

Masons Bag from Fitmark is an excellent suitcase that is specially designed to fulfill two specific roles, which are basically to provide a perfect compact bag to carry all the necessary elements for the sports or travel routine of any person, where you can store clothes, food, water, towels, etc. And secondly, to be an excellent baby suitcase, since it offers the necessary compartments and space so that the user can store diapers, changes of clothes, bottles, formula, among all the large number of things that are necessary for the daily care of the baby. This means that Masons BagMasonss Bag these things will not be messy inside it, but Fitmark's Masons Bag is designed to keep everything well organized and in its place, to make it easier to use them when needed.

Fitmark Masons Bag is made with a highly resistant and durable polyester fabric, capable of effectively repelling water, which offers the security of keeping what is inside perfectly dry and clean. In addition to that, Fitmark's Masons Bag is lined on the inside with antimicrobial protection, which is also lined with a padded mat that is included in the suitcase.It also contains two hermetically sealed food containers with technology that allows them to be safely used in microwaves. It also has 2 ice packs included, both certified and approved by TSA, With a large central executive compartment. Masons Bag from Fitmark also has a removable changing pad with antimicrobial lining, has a padded shoulder strap and metal zipper pulls.

Fitmark's Masons Bag is a practical bag to carry the necessary items for an athlete or any person when starting a long day of work, exercise or outings and at the same time to store and keep organized everything necessary for a baby at time to leave home.

Main properties of Fitmark Masons Bag

  • It is a novel suitcase made with the highest quality polyester available
  • It is waterproof
  • Contains a large executive compartment to store clothes and food
  • Comes with a removable changing pad lined with antimicrobial material
  • Contains 2 airtight BPA-free food containers that are microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Includes 2 TSA certified ice packs
  • It has a padded strap for easy carrying on the shoulder.
  • You can store everything you need for the daily care of a baby

Fitmark's Masons Bag is designed to be used by both athletes and parents, as it has the necessary dimensions and design to fulfill both functions. Perfect for people with extensive exercise or work routines.

recommended use– As a compact suitcase for storing clothes, food or baby care necessities, can be carried in your hand or carried over the shoulder with the padded strap


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