Low Carb Bar 33% Protein – 60g


Low Carb 33% protein bar from Amix Nutrition is a healthy and delicious snack perfect to consume during your training. This bar has a negligible level of carbohydrates and sugars, and instead contributes a lot of fiber and protein to your body. You can taste it if you are on a diet, in training or to try a succulent snack.

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Low Carb 33% protein bar from Amix Nutrition is a delicious and incredibly healthy treat. Enjoy its exquisite flavor and excellent supply of protein!

Low Carb 33% protein bar from Amix Nutrition is an excellent-tasting snack that is low in calories and carbohydrates. It has 32.8% MilkPro® whey protein, which is a source of high-quality amino acids.

It also has a high level of fibers that calm hunger for several hours a day. You can taste this snack if you are on a diet, because it lacks the ingredients that increase overweight. In addition, its contribution of proteins is always necessary when exercising of all kinds, since they contribute with essential elements for the repair and growth of muscle fibers.

It is very important to incorporate fiber into the body. And fortunately it is one of the most important ingredients in the Low Carb 33% protein bar from Amix Nutrition. Fiber is required to promote complete digestion of food and also to purify the body. By consuming them, the desire to eat is more effectively satisfied, which helps control the tendency to eat food between meals. On the other hand, this snack offers a concentrated source of protein, which is an essential nutrient for the body. They are important for the repair of its structure and for the replenishment of energy during the rest period.Therefore, the consumption of this healthy snack will work very well at any time,

you can consume the Low Carb 33% protein bar from Amix Nutrition anytime. Have it on hand to consume it before exercising or after, to increase your level of amino acids. It can be a sweet snack, perfect to try a sweet bite, if you are doing a low-calorie diet. And if you are away from home and want to snack in a healthy way, it can be a snack that you can consume without guilt. But even if you are not going through any of these situations, you have in this bar a very pleasant treat that you should not miss. It has a delicious taste, and without the presence of sugars or any other ingredient that does not favor your figure.

Properties Low Carb bar 33% protein from Amix Nutrition

  • Helps strengthen and improve muscles
  • satisfies the appetite
  • does not gain weight

The Low Carb 33% protein bar from Amix Nutrition is a snack that offers you a delicious dose of protein and fiber. Eat it at all times knowing that you will not gain weight. On the contrary, you will get more elements to increase your muscles and have a really effective exercise routine. Don't miss out on its wonderful flavor, which lacks sugars or unhealthy ingredients.

Recommended use: To consume between meals or as a moderate snack.

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