Liquid Amino – 946 ml


Liquid Amino from Stacker2 offers the athlete the best and most effective way to provide your muscles with the correct amino acids, extracted from whey protein hydrolyzate, with a composition that includes BCAA's and glutamine, which allow your muscles to be nourished and recover much faster and stay growing much longer after training.

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  • Main characteristics of Liquid Amino from Stacker Europe
  • Composition of Liquid Amino from Stacker Europe
  • Stacker Europe Liquid Amino Benefits
  • Stacker Europe Liquid Amino Recommended Dosage
  • Give your muscles the correct supply of amino acids so they can grow, nourish and recover quickly and efficiently after training with Stacker2 Liquid Amino

    Liquid Amino from Stacker2 is a food supplement made with the highest technology, which incorporates non-essential amino acids and essential amino acids into its formula, including BCAAs. Liquid Amino from Stacker2 offers all the advantages and properties of premium amino acids derived from hydrolyzed whey protein, easily absorbed and assimilated and a very high catabolic power that helps your muscles recover faster after high intensity training. , and to keep growing even at rest. Liquid Amino from Stacker2 is a product that, in addition to being effective, has a delicious flavor, and is the undisputed best way to provide amino acids to your body and nourish your muscles for a better development of your muscle mass.

    Main features of Stacker Europe Liquid Amino

    • Provides excellent amounts of fast-acting amino acids
    • Promotes the development and growth of muscle mass
    • Supports rapid muscle recovery after intense exercise
    • Incorporates BCAA's into its formula
    • Made from the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein
    • Enriched with glutamine
    • It has great anabolic power
    • Promotes muscle growth even at rest
    • Helps maintain lean muscle mass
    • Increases strength and sports performance
    • Delays the onset of fatigue
    • It has a delicious flavor
    • Prevents catabolic damage

    Composition of Liquid Amino from Stacker Europe

    Liquid Amino from Stacker2 is a sports supplement in liquid format, which allows the amino acids in its formula to be absorbed immediately without the need for digestion, making its effects feel instantly after taking it.

    Stacker2 Liquid Amino contains a wide variety of amino acids, such as BCAA's, that is, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. It also contains glutamine, arginine, histidine, aspartic acid, serine and glycine.

    Content per shot (40 ml)

    • Its energy value is 99 Kcal
    • Contains 20g of protein
    • Provides 480 mg of Isoleucine
    • Contains 960 mg of leucine
    • It has 480 mg of valine
    • Provides 2600 mg of glutamine
    • Contains 520 mg of arginine
    • Contains 340 mg histidine
    • It has 1160 mg of aspartic acid
    • Provides 700 mg of serine
    • Contains 3800 mg of glycine

    Benefits of Stacker Europe Liquid Amino

    Liquid Amino from Stacker2 is a food supplement designed to provide the correct amino acids and in the necessary amounts that your muscles need to favor their growth, development and recovery, nourishing your muscle mass quickly since it is absorbed immediately. Liquid Amino from Stacker2 offers a high anabolic power that protects and maintains your muscles by preventing catabolism and making them continue to grow longer even at rest.

    Stacker2 Liquid Amino is indicated for strength athletes with high intensity training who seek to strengthen their muscles, increase performance and promote rapid recovery.

    Stacker Europe Liquid Amino Recommended Dosage

    • As a dietary supplement, take a dose of 40 ml (approximately 4 tablespoons) on training days 30 minutes before exercise
    • Take half the dose on rest days, 20 ml at breakfast and 20 ml at bedtime
    • Take the dose daily


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