lime chicory – 500g


Chicory Lime from Biocop is a healthy alternative to coffee since it does not contain caffeine and, as it is a natural ingredient from organic farming, it helps fight constipation, promotes digestion and stimulates appetite. Made with very careful methods to offer us quality consumption.

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Chicory Lime from Biocop: a healthy, natural and caffeine-free alternative for coffee lovers

Lima Chicory from Biocop is a pleasant drink very similar to coffee that does not contain caffeine, making it ideal for breakfast, snack or any time of the day accompanied with non-dairy milk. In addition, Lima Chicory contains insulin, which stimulates the appetite, offers healthy digestion and helps fight constipation.

As we may know, chicory is a plant that has health benefits and properties, among some of which is that it is a healthy alternative to coffee and also, being abundant in a carbohydrate called insulin, it helps relieve stomach pains. prevents constipation, contributes to healthy digestion and stimulates appetite. Luckily, Biocop brings to our comfort the best Lima Chicory to enjoy all the advantages, and best of all, it is a product from organic farming, which means that it does not contain additives, dyes or any other ingredient that could harm a product. natural and healthy consumption.

Biocop Lima Chicory has been obtained from a rigorous process, in which the root of the plant is ground and then carefully roasted to be packaged. In the same way, as it has a seal of excellent quality, this delicious complement is long-lasting, so we can enjoy it without spoiling it over the days, and even more so when it is a natural ingredient.For greater comfort and pleasure in consumption, Biocop Lima Chicory can be eaten at breakfast, as a snack or at any time of the day accompanied with vegetable milk and some delicious toast. It also has an aroma, flavor and color similar to coffee, but without witnessing the discomfort of caffeine. In short, Biocop Lima Chicory is an appropriate alternative for lovers of coffee and a healthy lifestyle.

Properties of Chicory Lime from Biocop

  • Based on Chicory from organic farming
  • Free of caffeine and additives
  • stimulates the appetite
  • Provides healthy digestion
  • Helps fight constipation
  • For use with coffee maker
  • 100% natural and healthy consumption
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and athletes
  • Convenient 500 gr container

Coffee is an exquisite drink that many love to drink after a meal or as a snack to delight its aroma and flavor, however, caffeine does not suit many. For this reason, Biocop Lima Chicory is a healthy alternative to substitute and continue enjoying.

recommended useDirections: place 1 or 2 tablespoons in the coffee maker with hot water, strain and serve in a cup. It can be drunk as such or accompanied with vegetable milk. It can also be used to flavor desserts.


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