ISO Whey Bar – 50g


ISO Whey Bar from Best Protein is a delicious and healthy protein bar based on whey isolate, creatine and L-Glutamine focused on combating fatigue and recovering energy to improve the athlete's physical performance. The ISO Whey Bar is a delicious dark chocolate snack free of palm oil.

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ISO Whey Bar from Best Protein. A delicious snack to combat fatigue and maximize energy.

For a sportsman or athlete it is essential to have products that allow them to recover the energy lost after strenuous exercises.

The ISO Whey Bar from Best Protein is a protein bar made primarily for athletes who want to boost energy recovery and help fight fatigue after exercise routines. This bar contains a base of high-quality whey isolate, a wonderful ingredient that is absorbed very quickly by the body. Whey isolate contributes to increased physical strength, loss of body fat and the maintenance and development of muscle mass.

On the other hand, another of its ingredients present in its chemical composition is creatine and L-Glutamine, two important ingredients that increase energy levels and in turn optimize the physical performance of the athlete after their activities or sports routines.

The ISO Whey Bar from Best Protein It is the perfect complement for athletes who want to get healthier protein bars loaded with benefits to add to their diet without the sugar, fat and calories that conventional snacks have, for this reason, Best Protein has designed this incredible protein bar of high quality, with an extraordinary taste of dark chocolate and free of palm oil.

Properties of ISO Whey Bar from BestProtein

  • Composed of whey isolate, creatine and L-Glutamine.
  • Maximizes energy recovery after physical training.
  • Excellent dark chocolate flavor and free of palm oil.
  • Easily absorbed protein bar.
  • It favors the loss of body fat.

Specifications for each bar (50g):

  • It contains an energy value of 843kj/200kcal.
  • It contains 5.2 g of fat, of which 3.0 g are saturated.
  • It contains 17.7g of carbohydrates, of which 14.9g are sugars and 1.0g are polyalcohols.
  • It has 20.6g of protein.
  • Contains 0.02g of salt.
  • Contains Creatine Monohydrate (6600mg).
  • Contains L-Glutamine (136mg).

Protein bars are the essential ally in the nutrition of athletes, however, they must be chosen carefully to prevent unnecessary contributions to the body that may alter the goals of athletes. With the ISO Whey Bar there are no worries, this Best Protein product is the healthiest protein bar on the market, which has a smooth texture, an extraordinary dark chocolate flavor and works as a post-workout energy pump that will leave the body prepared for the next sports session. The ISO Whey Bar is the ideal companion for you!

recommended use: As a food supplement, consume 1 ISO Whey Bar a day after completing exercise routines.


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