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The 6Pack Elite collectionTote is a bag designed for modern women, who are constantly on the move but who take care of their diet, so they need to carry their healthy preparations from home, it has a modern design and has capacity for 4 meals, it has several compartments with zipper closure that allows you to store phones, keys, among other accessories.

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Complement your professional style and take your favorite food wherever you want with the 6Pack Elite collectionTote, a spectacularly designed bag with a large storage capacity.

The 6Pack Elite collectionTote is a bag that favors your style and at the same time contributes to your diet during a busy day, since it allows you to carry your favorite and, above all, healthy recipes or dishes wherever you want, safely and comfortably, as well as , allows you to carry your electronic devices such as your laptop independently and has an easy design to combine with any outfit or style, this fantastic accessory is made with high quality materials, with resistant seams that guarantee durability, to add to this, the space where the food is stored is removable, so you can easily clean it without damaging the rest of the bag.

Elite collectionTote from 6Pack comes in a bag presentation with handles and compartments for phones, wallet, keys, laptop, among other accessories, all with zipper closures, it also has additional small pockets, it has a functional and modern design, made of material quality and with a pleasant texture, it comes in black, blue, black with pink and red, which allows it to be combined with any style and outfit, especially office wear.In another order of ideas, it comes with 4 leak-proof containers, 3 gel containers to use as a freezer, 2 small and 1 large, and a compact container for nutritional supplements, pills, capsules, among others.

6Pack Elite collectionTote contributes to your diet on those busy work days, when you don't have time to go home to prepare your healthy and nutritious recipes, it allows you to safely transport your preparations anywhere, preventing you from buying fast or unhealthy food , controlling your nutrition and having everything at hand when you need it, additionally, its isolated system helps preserve the flavor, the temperature of the food. In this sense, this wonderful bag has the capacity to carry food and other products that will support you in carrying out office or study activities, such as university.

Properties of the Elite collectionTote of 6Pack

  • Practical bags with handles
  • Made with quality materials
  • It has a modern and professional design
  • It has compartments and pockets with easy access zippers.
  • Comes in blue, red, black, and black with pink colors
  • It has capacity for 4 meals
  • Bring extra containers
  • Collaborate with the organization
  • Contribute to your healthy diet
  • It is comfortable and easy to wear
  • Keeps food in good condition
  • Exclusive design for ladies of any age

This beautiful bag is perfect for any woman who wants or needs to take care of her diet and consequently her health, it has separate compartments with easy access, therefore, you can carry your food and essential accessories for a day of work at the office or study area. The use of the 6Pack Elite collectionTote has no age restrictions, that is, both young and adult ladies can use it, looking spectacular and fashionable.

recommended use: As an accessory, organize the food, accessories and other accessories necessary to carry out your activities.


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