HD-Pro bar – 60g


Amix HD-Pro bar is a delicious bar that contains a high percentage of protein and a low percentage of fat. Its flavor and texture are excellent, and for this reason it is ideal as a supplement in the diet of athletes who have a great muscular wasting.

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HD-Pro bar from Amix, is your best ally for after your training or as a healthy snack in your day to day.

HD-Pro Bar Amix Nutrition It contains 32% protein, especially whey, and also has a low percentage of fat. It is perfect for all those people who are looking to cover their daily protein requirements, with a healthy product, especially for people who practice sports. They're also perfect for anyone on the go who wants a meal replacement bar. They are an effective alternative to traditional sugar-based energy bars, providing benefits that improve performance and accelerate post-exercise recovery.

Amix HD-Pro Bar enjoy its three incredible flavors, and its extraordinary texture. Take them as a snack, being a healthy and nutritious snack. It can also be used as a complete food before and/or after physical activity since it provides energy from carbohydrates and also quality proteins. It is ideal for all types of athletes who want to consume a protein bar to recover properly after training, or for anyone who is away from home and wants to consume a small snack, rich in protein.

Amix HD-Pro Bar It is an exquisite bar that will meet the needs of each and every one of the people who are looking for a healthy lifestyle, achieve all the goals they set for themselves and perform at their best in sports.They are perfect as breakfast and start the day with your batteries charged and face your daily work or as a snack before / after training and maintain or recharge glycogen levels, you will also lead a much healthier lifestyle. Try the HD-Pro Bar from Amix and you will be delighted with the results you will obtain when integrating them into your daily diet. Amix Nutrition has become one of the main reference brands in sports nutrition.

Properties of the Amix HD-Pro Bar

  • It is perfect to consume after exercise.
  • It contributes to cover the daily protein requirements.
  • It will allow you to lead a much healthier lifestyle.
  • Easy to carry and take at any time.
  • Ideal for a high protein diet.
  • Its flavor and texture is exquisite.
  • It's perfect for anyone on the go who wants a small, protein-rich snack.

Amix HD-Pro Bar try their excellent flavors, and make sure they are not lacking in your pantry, as they will be your ally in times when you cannot make any of your daily high-protein meals, or if you want to have a complete meal after your workouts.

recommended use Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) bar per day, preferably before and/or after physical activity.

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