Green Clay – 380g


Sakai Green Clay: it is a clay preparation specially designed for the care of your face and neck, its ingredients are 100% natural, free of perfumes, paraffins, parabens, silicones and mineral oils, making it ideal for improving faces with blackheads and imperfections. .

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  • Sakai Green Clay Information
  • Format, composition and ingredients of Green Clay
  • Recommended daily dose of Green Clay
  • Sakai Green Clay

    Sakai Green Clay: it is a purifying and detoxifying cosmetic thanks to the action of its main ingredient of green clay, which offers innumerable benefits to your face when applied in the form of a mask or poultice, since it works the imperfections and blackheads that appear. accumulate with natural ingredients free of any chemical element, the properties and benefits of its careful formula is highly recommended for all skin types.

    Sakai works hard to make its cosmetic formulas of quality, for this it uses natural ingredients and combines them to help you have a healthy face regardless of age.

    Information of the green clay by Sakai

    • Ideal to help correct the imperfections that your face may present.
    • Recommended to work blackheads.
    • Free of parabens, oils, silicones and perfumes.
    • It is perfect for dry or elderly skin.

    Format, composition and ingredients of the green clay

    Sakai Green Clay comes in a practical plastic container that contains 380 g of clay to prepare masks or poultices rich in purifying properties, ideal for combating blackheads and skin imperfections.

    Each recommended daily dose provides 100% green clay.

    Recommended daily dose of Green Clay

    • You can apply a thin layer as a mask on the skin of the face, leaving it to act for 10 minutes or simply make a poultice and spread a 1cm layer and leave it to act for two hours to optimize the results. In both cases remove it with warm water.


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