Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg – 120 Softgels


Garlic Hawthorn Olive from Drasanvi, is a food supplement made with a formula that combines the properties of olive, hawthorn and garlic oil, ideal for strengthening cardiovascular health and optimizing blood pressure levels.

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  • What is Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg from Drasanvi taken for?
  • Why buy Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg?
  • How do you take Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg?
  • Biography / Scientific studies
  • Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg by Drasanvi

    • It is a food supplement made with a composition based on olive, hawthorn and garlic, three substances that are present simultaneously in food supplements.
    • Garlic or allium sativum, native to Western Asia, is widely used in the culinary world and as a medicinal plant, its composition is rich in B vitamins, phosphorus, allicin and silicon, in addition, it contains antibiotic, anticoagulant, antihypertensive and vermifuge properties. .
    • Hawthorn, also known as hawthorn, contains leaves and flowers with a high content of flavonoids and proanthocyanidrins, and is also excellent for protecting cardiovascular health.
    • The olive tree or European olea, provides great anti-inflammatory properties and a large amount of essential fatty acids that help maintain the proper functioning of the body.

    what is it taken for Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg by Drasanvi

    • Helps elevate and fortify the health of the cardiovascular system.
    • Improves blood pressure levels.
    • It allows to reduce and control blood pressure.
    • Helps lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

    Why buy Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg?

    • It does not contain gluten and is made with top quality and completely natural ingredients.
    • Ideal to be consumed by active people who seek to protect the health of their cardiovascular system and maintain blood pressure levels under normal conditions.
    • It comes in an easy-to-assimilate softgel presentation.

    how do you take Garlic Hawthorn Olive 500mg?

    • Take 2 softgels.
    • Eat daily, preferably spread over the main meals.

    Biography / Scientific studies

    • Pallardo F. Hawthorn, at the heart of health. Journal of Medicine and Research. Elsevier. 2020.


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