Essential amino acids (EAEE) 1g – 100 tablets


Essential Amino Acids (Aaee) from Nutrisport is a food supplement made from high-concentration amino acids, ideal for athletes and athletes who are subjected to intense muscle wasting as a result of sports practices or prolonged or high-impact exercises, offering strengthening and regeneration of the muscle cells.

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Essential amino acids (Aaee) from Nutrisport, regeneration and protection in your muscles against wear

Essential Amino Acids (Aaee) from Nutrisport arrives as a comprehensive solution in terms of muscle protection and regeneration for athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen thanks to its incredible combination of essential and non-essential amino acids that offer a significant improvement in terms of cell regeneration, repair and protection, making it an ideal supplement for people dedicated to sports or who exercise continuously who may suffer from the dreaded muscle wasting, which can lead to catabolism and cause loss of muscle mass due to very prolonged exercises.

In addition, coming in tablets of just over 1 g make it an easy product to take, allowing you to take it before or after training, no matter where you are.

For all high-performance athletes dedicated to very intense or prolonged sports practices, it is vital to protect against catabolism, oxidation and even muscle wasting, factors that usually appear with some frequency in athletes, athletes or bodybuilders who perform physical exercises or routines. of high impact or demanding training.

For this reason, Nutrisport, a brand dedicated to sports nutrition, presents its new Essential Amino Acids (Aaee), an excellent product that, in addition to including a significant amount of protein, combines the benefits of L-Histidine and L-Tyrosine, which in combination with 10 other amino acids and vitamin B6 offer a set of very positive benefits for the body by improving protection against free radicals, reducing oxidation and cell aging, preventing muscle wear and catabolism produced by long periods of physical training and of course an improvement and stimulation of the regeneration, repair and formation of new muscle fibers.

Properties of Essential Amino Acids (Aaee) from Nutrisport

  • Increases energy and physical resistance in a remarkable way
  • Stimulates the regeneration and formation of new muscle fibers
  • Improves physical performance
  • Excellent antioxidant and anti-aging properties
  • Reduces the chance of injury or muscle strain
  • Offers protection against bone and muscle wear
  • Effective anticatabolic properties
  • Combination of more than 10 amino acids with protein and vitamin B6

With Essential Amino Acids (EAA) from Nutrisport you will be able to get the most out of those prolonged workouts where you have to give all your effort to achieve incredible results without compromising the health of your muscles and bones.

recommended use: Take 5 tablets a day half an hour before training.


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