Energy Drink – 1kg


Lamberts Orange Flavored Energy Drink provides the consumer with immediate and sustained replacement energy while increasing physical endurance. It is ideal for all those people who exercise daily and want to get a little more energy to perform more efficiently in training.

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Lamberts Energy Drink, high amounts of energy with the most refreshing orange flavor

This delicious Energy Drink is perfect for keeping your body hydrated, active and energetic throughout your exercise routine. It is specially formulated to guarantee greater resistance in your long days of training while providing you with complex carbohydrates responsible for supplying vitamins and minerals that are essential for health.

Vitamin C is one of the main components of the Energy Drink offered by Lamberts. The presence of this vitamin is due to the fact that Energy Drink has a refreshing and delicious flavor of orange, a citrus fruit known as one of the best sources of vitamin C. This vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid, is a natural antioxidant that helps the body to protect cells from compounds that are formed when the body changes the food you eat into energy.

Vitamin C also improves iron absorption, helps produce collagen, and contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system to protect the body against various diseases. This product is rich in complex carbohydrates that are converted into glucose in the body. They are transformed into enough energy to be able to train or compete extensively. The athlete's body is highly benefited by constantly ingesting this drink that serves as a complement to a balanced diet.

Without a doubt, Energy Drink is an easy and quite comfortable way to increase energy and delay the fatigue that comes with intense physical activity. Each container of this spectacular energy drink contains 1 Kg (approximately 20 servings per container). The best thing about this delicious drink is its easy preparation. Only 50 g of the product should be dissolved in 1 liter of cold water. It can be consumed before exercise or during it if the athlete wants to boost their energy. It should be ingested after physical activity if it is sought to recover the nutrients expelled with previous sweating.

Properties of Lamberts Energy Drink

  • Restores energy levels.

  • Increases physical resistance. It is rich in complex carbohydrates.

  • Provides immediate and prolonged energy.

  • Contains Vitamin C.

  • Provides electrolytes to replace those lost through sweating.

Drink a glass of Energy Drink before exercising or during intense training to enjoy a continuous supply of energy and boost physical endurance for better results. On the other hand, if what you want is to replenish your energy reserves after training, the Lamberts Energy Drink is the best option on the market.

recommended use: Can be consumed before, during or after physical activity. It is recommended to eat up to 4 servings per day.


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