Energy bar – 44g


Nutrisport energy bar is the first protein bar specifically designed to provide the body with extra energy when you need it most thanks to its incredible carbohydrate content, allowing you to face the most demanding workouts or to face your daily routine.

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Nutrisport energy bar, concentrated energy in a practical protein bar

The Nutrisport energy bar is a food supplement in the form of a protein bar ideal for anyone who wants to improve their energy levels, either to improve their performance in physical activities such as exercise, workouts in the gym or sports practices as well as for any common person looking to face the tasks that comprise their daily routine with greater energy.

This incredible energy load, in addition to its highly effective milk protein concentrate, which together with amino acids and vitamins, will provide interesting benefits in the diet and in the daily performance of all the people who choose to include it in their daily diet, making it an ideal snack for be consumed at the time of the day that you prefer, even before training to execute the exercises with the greatest energy and power.

By having good energy levels it is possible to carry out activities of any kind, be they exercises, training routines and even daily tasks in people, which is why it is important to have a good supplementation that allows increasing said levels while maintaining thus full vitality.

That is why Nutrisport, a Spanish company dedicated to the development and distribution of nutritional and sports supplements, presents its new energy bar, a protein bar with the particularity that around 50% of its total nutrient content are carbohydrates of rapid assimilation, which will allow a rapid replenishment of glycogen deposits in the muscles, thus allowing a marked improvement in energy levels, increasing resistance and vitality to face both routines of daily life and high-intensity physical training. In addition, it has vitamins, amino acids and a good protein load that makes it an ideal bar to increase lean muscle mass as well as post-workout recovery.

Properties of the Nutrisport energy bar

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Exponentially increases physical energy
  • Provides vitamins, amino acids and minerals to the body
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Stimulates accelerated muscle regeneration
  • Fast assimilation carbohydrates that prevent the formation of fat deposits

With the Nutrisport energy bar it is now much easier to face the challenges of everyday life as well as the most physically demanding training routines thanks to its high content of easily assimilated carbohydrates.

recommended use: Consume one bar daily at any time of the day.


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