Endurance Fuel Choco Bits Bar – 60g


Endurance Fuel Choco Bits Bar by 226ERS is an energy snack with a natural constitution that will boost your workouts. You cannot miss this bar made with nuts, which offers you vitamins, minerals, but above all carbohydrates that are vital to be able to spend a significant amount of energy.

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Endurance Fuel Choco Bits bar from 226ERS an energy delight that increases your energy immediately. Discover its wonderful revitalizing power!

Endurance Fuel Choco Bits Bar from 226 ERS is an energetic and healthy snack that you should have at your disposal, to increase your strength and vitality during your training.

It is a snack made up of dried fruits that provide you with healthy carbohydrates and numerous vitamins that revitalize your body. Whether you consume this bar before or after your physical activity session, you will have renewed strength to do your best and get the best results. It combines simple and complex carbohydrates that act with great effectiveness in all types of discipline, whether it is strength or physical resistance.

The Endurance Fuel Choco Bits Bar by 226ERS It provides you with the right nutrients to increase your energy, without gaining weight. Carbohydrates are usually something that is eliminated from a diet, since their excess is what promotes overweight gain. But those that are not convenient are those that come from white flour, which are the ones that are frequently consumed through junk food. But the carbohydrates that you cannot do without are the healthy ones, those that are quickly assimilated and that are accompanied by vitamins and minerals. Such is the case of seeds, cereals and nuts, which are also very delicious.

This is why you can count on the Endurance Fuel Choco Bits Bar by 226ERS. It is made of foods that suit you and also have an excellent taste. You can consume a bar before, during or after exercising. In other words, it helps you to be ready before training, to maintain your energy, or to recover it when you have finished your physical training session. It is also a wonderful snack to enjoy moderately between meals, or to satisfy your appetite when you are not at home. In the same way, you can just taste it for the pleasure of enjoying its exquisite flavor, knowing that it is a healthy snack.

Facts of Endurance Fuel Choco Bits Bar from 226ERS

  • Energy bar made with nuts
  • Increase your energy and performance
  • Contains low calories
  • Provides a healthy source of carbohydrates

Endurance Fuel Choco Bits Bar from 226ERS is a healthy snack, through which you will obtain a powerful source of energy. Have at your disposal this bar made with dried fruits that also provides you with vitamins and minerals. Enjoy its great taste, since it has low calories. It is a snack that also serves as a snack or to calm your hunger when you are away from home.

Recommended use: to eat before, during or after training.


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