(Duo Pack) Fat Burner – 2×120 capsules


Victory Weider Fat Burner is the fat burner par excellence of the Victory line that, with its combination of natural extracts, causes an increase in caloric expenditure in the body, increasing the calories consumed by the body during the day and promoting the use of fats as a source of body energy.

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Victory Weider Fat Burner with its extraordinary natural combination provides an effect that reduces the feeling of appetite helping you to obtain incredible results.

Fat Burner from Victory Weider is the fat burner with the most active formulation on the market, thus helping you to achieve the results you so desire with its excellent combination of natural extracts from the herbal complex which, with its immediate effect, causes an increase in calorie consumption by increasing the amount of them that you consume during the day.

Also Fat Burner by Victory Weider contains L-carnitine that helps to promote the deposit of fat as a source of energy in the body, thus facilitating the reduction of fat deposits in the body. It also contains chromium, which regulates insulin levels in the body, which causes a decrease in appetite, ideal for avoiding sugar cravings.

Carnitine is an enzyme-molecule made up of amino acids that are components of proteins. We can find these protein components in a varied and complete diet that is often not easy to achieve. Fat Burner from Victory Weider contains this incredible main ingredient which, combined with natural supplements such as herbal complex that contains extracts of herbs and plants, in addition to chromium, which is essential in the metabolism of fats and insulin, thus inhibiting appetite, convert Fat Victory Weider Burner is the quintessential burner for all types of users, especially sportsmen and athletes.

Fat Burner by Victory Weider It accelerates the metabolism of fats, making it the most effective burner since it promotes the loss of adipose tissue more quickly, as well as helping to avoid the loss of muscles that diets can often produce. Fat Burner by Victory Weider is definitely the ideal burner for all people who follow diets to lose weight, as it is a fundamental tool to put maximum effort into losing all that accumulated and unwanted fat that you want to get rid of so much. It is also the perfect burner for sportsmen and athletes.

Victory Weider Fat Burner Facts

  • The most effective burner on the market
  • Causes an increase in caloric expenditure in the body
  • Reduces the feeling of appetite
  • Ideal for people who want to lose weight
  • Helps prevent muscle loss caused by diets
  • Ideal for sportsmen and athletes
  • It has a unique natural combination
  • Promotes fat loss faster

Specifications for each 3.4 gr:

  • Contains Chromium (40mg)
  • Contains green tea extract (570mg), of which 86mg epigallocatechin gallate, and 46mg caffeine,
  • It has 105mg of cinnamon
  • It has 105 mg of mustard
  • Contains 50 mg of bitter orange, of which 3 mg of synephrine
  • Contains 20 mg of cayenne
  • It has 55 mg of L-carnitine

To lose body weight and burn fat faster and more effectively Fat Burner from Victory Weider is the ideal burner par excellence where you will obtain the results you have long desired, guaranteeing your physical well-being and directly influencing your emotional health.

recommended use: As a food supplement, take only 3 capsules daily 20 minutes before each meal (breakfast, lunch and snack).


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