Cypress Essential Oil – 15ml


100% natural Marnys Cypress Essential Oil with variable and beneficial therapeutic properties for the body, among which it is mainly diuretic. It acts as an antiseptic, antispasmodic and antirheumatic. Derived from the cypress tree after a process of steam dragging and distillation of its leaves and stems.

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Marnys Cypress Essential Oil. Its consumption offers an extraordinary flavor to your dishes, while benefiting from its multiple properties for the body.

Marnys Cypress Essential Oil is a product that can be consumed together with your favorite dishes, thus enjoying its pleasant flavor, while benefiting from the natural attributes that this oil provides to health. There are many properties that it offers. However, one of the reasons why it is so appreciated is for its diuretic quality. It also has many other cosmetic and antiseptic benefits.

The Marnys Cypress Essential Oil It is extracted from the Cypress tree which belongs to the family of dominant coniferous plants. Like any plant with these characteristics and belonging to the group of gymnosperms, its fruit is exposed between its branches without any type of membrane, shell or covering that protects it. But it is the branches and leaves that are used to extract the rich 100% natural oil.

Marnys Essential Oil of Cypress has a characteristic that makes it different from the rest of the cypress oils that we commonly see in stores specialized in its commercialization, and it is its particular composition that allows it to have a molecule that is found in greater quantity. This chemical element is what gives it that terpene aroma that makes it unique and exclusive. In addition, it has a fresh coniferous flavor, very typical of this plant.

For this reason, he Marnys Cypress Essential Oil It is appreciated as a pleasant aromatizer for dishes, as it has a very attractive dense and deep smell. Reason why, it is the perfect companion to any menu. It is enough to always take it diluted with only 2 to 3 drops in 250 g of food. Adding it to your favorite recipes is the ideal complement to offer our body a contribution to well-being.

Among the many other properties of Marnys Cypress essential oil, it should be mentioned that apart from being a good diuretic, it is: astringent, vasoconstrictor, venous tonic, antispasmodic, antiperspirant, estrogenic, healing, deodorant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and antirheumatic. Undoubtedly a product that with its consumption favors the health of our body.

Properties of Marnys Cypress essential oil

  • 100% pure and natural Cypress essential oil
  • Distilled under the steam dragging process of its leaves and stems
  • Pleasant aroma and taste
  • 15ml bottle

Marnys Cypress Essential Oil is the ideal complement to give flavors and aromas to your dishes as you would never have imagined, while your body receives the contributions of its multiple and beneficial properties.

recommended use: Consume always diluted, 1-2 drops, in 250 g of food (infusion, juice, juices, salads…) 3 times a day maximum.


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