Creatine Magnapower – 120 Capsules


Creatine Magnapower from Amix is ​​a food supplement in capsules that provide magnesium creatine chelate from the Albion® Human Nutrition formula. Provides high quality creatine and magnesium.

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  • Information of Creatine Magnapower (Amix Muscle Core)
  • What ingredients does Magnapower Creatine have?
  • Recommended daily dose of Creatine Magnapower
  • Creatine Magnapower from Amix

    Creatine Magnapower from Amix is ​​a food supplement that comes in capsules and has been made based on magnesium creatine chelate. It is an exclusive high-quality formula from Albion® Human Nutrition, which is a company specialized in the development of chelated minerals.

    Information of the Creatine Magnapower (Amix Muscle Core)

    • It is a food supplement that provides Albion® magnesium creatine chelate.
    • It also contains magnesium.
    • It is suitable for adults of both sexes.

    What ingredients does the Creatine Magnapower?

    Amix Creatine Magnapower comes in a bottle of 120 capsules.

    Each recommended serving of 6 capsules contains 3600 mg of MagnaPOWER® creatine (magnesium creatine chelate) of which 288 mg is magnesium.

    Recommended daily dose of Creatine Magnapower

    • Take 6 capsules per day.
    • Take preferably 3 at breakfast and 3 before training.


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