Creatine ClonaPure – 200g


Creatine ClonaPure from Vitobest helps increase muscle strength and growth, contributing to the optimal performance of athletes and athletes.

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  • What is VitoBest ClonaPure Creatine taken for?
  • Why buy Creatine ClonaPure?
  • How is Creatine ClonaPure taken?
  • Biography / Scientific studies
  • Creatine ClonaPure from VitoBest

    • It is a powdered food supplement that combines creatine monohydrate, phosphocreatine and phosphate

    what is it taken for Creatine ClonaPure from VitoBest?

    • Helps increase muscle strength and growth.

    • It can improve muscular capabilities in explosive and strength sports.

    • Contributes to optimal recovery after intense and long exercise.

    Why buy Creatine ClonaPure?

    • It is ideal for high-performance athletes, since it provides energy to the muscles very quickly.

    • It does not need any loading phase, so it begins to act from the first dose.

    • It has in its composition the real creatine formula, which is nothing more than phosphocreatine, obtaining energy immediately, which makes it much more effective.

    • It has been produced following the strictest European quality standards.

    • It comes in an easy-to-dissolve powder.

    how do you take Creatine ClonaPure?

    • Take 3 grams a day.

    • Consume 30 minutes before training, also being compatible with post-training strategies.

    Biography / Scientific studies

    • Chilibeck, P.D., Kaviani, M., Candow, D.G., & Zello, G.A. (2017). Effect of creatine supplementation during resistance training on lean tissue mass and muscular strength in older adults: a meta-analysis. Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, 8, 213–226

    • Allen, P.J. (2012). Creatine metabolism and psychiatric disorders: Does creatine supplementation have therapeutic value? Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 36(5), 1442–1462.


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