Create-Bomb – 660 G


Get amazing muscle development and efficiency in your workouts with Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition, it is an advanced blend of creatine made up of 6 different types of creatine and 10 active ingredients, and it has also been scientifically proven that the correct dose of this supplement can increase your physical performance.

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Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition incredible multi-component with 6 creatines.

Create-Bomb of ScitecNutrition It provides us with an advanced mixture of creatine that contains a creatine matrix with 6 different types and 10 active ingredients. It has been scientifically validated that the correct dose of this creatine increases physical performance, especially in sports or exercises with successive series of exercises. High intensity shorts.

Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition contains an extra of taurine, magnesium and vitamin B3, each dose will provide you with 6 types of creatine, which execute their mechanism of action through the increase in cellular levels of phosphocreatine, this component acts by giving up a phosphate group and the incredible energy of your link in the renewal of spent ATP.

Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition also provides us with vitamin B3 and magnesium, which favors an adequate energy metabolism, contributes to normal protein synthesis and reduces tiredness and fatigue, the main objectives of this supplement are muscle development, improvement of strength and be more efficient in your workouts.

Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition is a product that can benefit strength and power athletes, fans of high-intensity sports or any sports discipline that requires hard effort, fitness users who want to increase their energy levels in their training and achieve better results and endurance athletes who want to protect their muscles from the physical activities they perform.

Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition can be combined with a wide variety of products depending on the objectives or physical goals of each person, for example, if the goal is to gain muscle mass, after training Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition can be combined with a Adequate content of protein and carbohydrates, and if it is definition, it can be combined with a whey isolate and amino acids that facilitate the preservation of muscle mass.

Properties of Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition

  • It is a nutritional supplement that contains 6 different types of creatine and 10 active ingredients.
  • It has been scientifically validated that the correct dose of this creatine will increase your physical performance.
  • It is recommended for athletes or people who train at a high intensity.
  • It contains taurine, magnesium and vitamin B, which provide many benefits to our body.
  • Increase your cellular levels of phosphocreatine.
  • It develops muscle mass, improves strength and makes us more efficient in our training.
  • It can be combined with other products to enhance its effects.

Don't wait any longer and buy the incredible Crea-Bomb from Scitec Nutrition, become more efficient in your favorite workouts or sports with this spectacular product, while also providing your body with taurine, magnesium and vitamin B, for the optimization of results and care of our health, buy it NOW!.

Use and recommendations: You should take one dose with 400 ml of water. In the loading phase, take 1 daily dose (6 g) of CREA-BOMB, for every 15 kg of body weight, (thus, the creatine will saturate your muscles faster). You should distribute these doses throughout the day and take them before meals. After 5 days, you should take only one daily dose for maintenance. In such a case of giving up the loading phase, you can start by taking 1 daily dose.


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