Crea-Trix (Creatine Matrix) – 824g


Amix Crea-Trix is ​​a matrix of 10 advanced creatine-based ingredients from different advanced formulas.

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  • Crea-Trix Information (Creatine Matrix) (Amix Nutrition)
  • What ingredients does Crea-Trix (Creatine Matrix) have?
  • Recommended Daily Dose of Crea-Trix (Creatine Matrix)
  • Crea-Trix (Creatine Matrix) by Amix

    Amix Crea-Trix combines 10 advanced creatine-based ingredients from different high-quality formulas. It has a delicious taste, it is easy to assimilate in the body.

    Information of Crea-Trix (Creatine Matrix) (AmixNutrition)

    • Contains 10 creatine-based ingredients.
    • It is quickly assimilated.
    • It is suitable for adults of both sexes.

    what ingredients does it have Crea-Trix (Creatine Matrix)?

    Amix Crea-Trix comes in a 825g jar.

    Each recommended dose 20.6 g has the following specifications:

    • It has 78.2 calories.
    • It offers 4.3 g in protein.
    • Contributes 13 g carbohydrates.
    • It has less than 1 g of fat.
    • Provides 57 mg of calcium.
    • Contributes 36 mg of potassium.
    • Provides 102 mg of phosphorus.
    • Contains 521 mg sodium.
    • Provides 5000 mg of Amix™ Crea-Trix™ Formula.
    • Includes 500 mg of Kre-Alkalyn®- Beta-Alanine (Carnosyn®).
    • It has 500 mg of Amix™ PhosphoMatrix.

    Recommended Daily Dose of Crea-Trix (Creatine Matrix)

    • Dilute 20.6 mg of Crea-Trix in approx. 250 ml. of water.
    • Drink 30 to 60 minutes before exercising.
    • It is recommended to drink plenty of water during training.

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