Cranberry – 30 Vegetable Capsules


Drasanvi Cranberry is a supplement based on solid extract of Cranberry. It provides the body with a high nutritional value. Also, an excellent amount of fiber, vitamin B9, vitamin C and a wide range of minerals. Its greatest virtue is that it helps to optimize the digestive system, protecting its bacterial flora and keeping it strong against possible inconveniences.

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Red Cranberry from Drasanvi, ideal to protect the urinary system

Drasanvi Cranberry has been specially formulated to keep the entire urinary tract healthy. Likewise, it restricts the adhesion of bacteria to the mucosa of the bladder. Added to this pair of wonderful virtues, it also favors the functioning of the digestive system.

This is because it helps regulate the bacterial flora, which prevents harmful microorganisms from lodging in the digestive system. In this way, the proliferation of infections and any type of ailment is prevented, both at the stomach and intestinal level. Along with these benefits, it happens that Drasanvi's Cranberry product contains an adequate and necessary dose of folic acid. Also, an excellent amount of vitamin B9 and vitamin C. On the other hand, in its preparation, no sugars, sweeteners, dyes or chemical preservatives have been included. In addition, it is completely free of allergens such as gluten or artificial colors. It provides the body with remarkable antiseptic properties. Eliminates toxins from both the bladder and the kidneys. Also, it has polysaccharides that discard excess fluids and minimize both colic and the so-called symptoms of peristalsis.

Food supplements are sources of nutrients and other substances with a positive physiological effect on health. Its purpose is to supplement the normal diet.In this sense, the cranberry extract contained in this product is extremely rich in type A proanthocyanidins. This substance abounds in the American Cranberry, being the fruit that has the greatest amount of it. Solid extracts are obtained from various structures of the plant and its fruit, which facilitates its absorption in the body. In addition, the quality control used in the manufacture of this product guarantees that the active components are not lost. Likewise, it has the plus that Drasanvi's Cranberry capsules are certified and endorsed by several vegetarian societies. They do not contain gluten, so they can be consumed by patients who are intolerant to this protein. Undoubtedly, it is a remarkable contribution to the body. Widely recommended for all those people who want to have a healthy life taking care of their body in an integral way.

Drasanvi Cranberry Properties

  • Its active substance is the cranberry of American origin.
  • Made under strict quality standards
  • Protects the urinary system
  • Take care of the bacterial flora
  • In capsule presentation
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Does not contain gluten or allergens

Thanks to Drasanvi's Red Cranberry, it is possible to strengthen the digestive and urinary systems. In addition, it is an excellent way to obtain fiber, vitamins and minerals, thanks to a simple intake in the daily diet.

recommended use: It is recommended to consume one (1) single capsule per day, which is preferably taken before dinner.


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