Coconut Rapunzel Bar – 40g


The Rapunzel Coco Bar in its tasty Biocop snack that combines the intense flavor of coconut with the sweet delight of agave syrup and rice. This combination makes it a very rich dessert to delight at any minute. This product gives you energy and a lot of natural delight!

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Enjoy an improved version of the coconut flavor. This Coco Rapunzel Bar from Biocop combines the intense taste of this fruit with the sweetness of agave

The Coco Rapunzel Bar from Biocop is a delicious snack that has been prepared with all the exotic delight of coconut, plus a rich wafer coating to make it easier for you to eat. In addition, the appetizing content of this excellent product merges with the subtle sweetness of agave and rice syrup, especially so that you can appreciate sweet tones on your palate and thus fully enjoy.

The Coco Rapunzel bar from Biocop it is so natural and healthy that when you eat it you will feel that you are delighting the authentic pulp of the coconut, this fruit being highly delicious and exotic. In fact, to make its flavor even more entertaining and sweet for you, a little agave syrup and rice syrup have also been added to this dessert, which are great for making this succulent bar highly provocative.

This Rapunzel Coconut Bar from Biocop has been made with pure grated coconut, but it also has a wafer coating so that when you delight it, it is much more comfortable and pleasant. In this way, you can eat this snack when it provokes you and where you want it most, since its practical format is extremely versatile and thus you can taste something incredibly appetizing for those moments when you feel like a little craving.

The Coco Rapunzel bar from Biocop It will fill you with a lot of energy since coconut is naturally very energetic.Even this dessert is recommended on days where you will need all your physical performance, such as when you go to the gym, a long day of walking, or also when you feel down and thus immediately need to replenish all your vitality.

In this case, the Biocop Rapunzel Coco Bar will add joy and vigor to your days. In addition, its coconut content is abundant in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, so this product undoubtedly favors your diet with a good nutritional intake. Likewise, this Biocop snack will become your favorite because it is low in fats and artificial sugars. This is an excellent advantage, especially if you are on a diet and do not want to add an excessive percentage of calories to your snacks of the day.

Properties of the Rapunzel Coco Bar from Biocop

  • Made with grated coconut, rice syrup and organic agave syrup
  • Provides enough energy for the whole day
  • Rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, typical of coconut
  • It has a rich and thin wafer coating
  • Does not contain added sugars
  • It is low in fat
  • Ideal to eat between meals
  • vegan product

If you like coconut and natural desserts, this is your chance to enjoy the Rapunzel Coconut Bar from Biocop. The snack that best preserves the delight of coconut in the company of a very special sweetness.

recommended use: enjoy this Biocop Rapunzel Coco Bar whenever you want. Whether it's during a walk, before or after training, in the office break, or even in the school snack.


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