Citronella Essential Oil – 15ml


Marnys Citronella Essential Oil is a multipurpose product made with the purest extracts of the Citronella plant. You can use it as an insect repellent or in aromatherapy due to its strong and refreshing lemon scent. Enjoy its aroma and properties in a single product. This product can also be used in the kitchen to add flavor to your favorite dishes.

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With Marnys Citronella Essential Oil you will obtain the natural benefits of this plant to improve and refresh your body, as well as adding flavor to your favorite foods.

Marnys, a leading brand in Europe for its recognized natural products, brings in this opportunity its new and multipurpose product, Citronella Essential Oil, formulated entirely with the juice of the Citronella plant and after going through a rigorous selection process, This wonderful oil reaches your hands to offer you protection against insects, as well as it can be used to refresh your environments, and it can even be used in aromatherapy to refresh and cleanse your body thanks to its pleasant lemon-lime scent. This new product can also be used in the kitchen, to give a more delicious touch to your dishes.

Citronella is a plant native to Africa and Asia, and is characterized by its strong smell of lemon, with its leaves and stem you can prepare infusions, tea and different types of curry, in the Asian continent it is commonly used to balance the flavor of dishes that may be excessively spicy by nature. On this occasion, Marnys selected these extracts and was able to obtain a natural product that allows you to keep your body fresh and free of insects, while you can aromatize your environments or use it in salads and favorite dishes.

This wonderful oil has multiple purposes, both in the medicinal branch and in the kitchen and in aromatherapy, since with it you can eliminate or repel insects, calm anxiety, it also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties (pain relief in the body), another way to use it is in massages to obtain a total relationship in the mind-body axis, since it has an anti-stress effect and a pleasant and refreshing scent of lemon. You can also give a special touch to your meals, using this excellent product that Marnys has brought for you, since it has an incomparable flavor and a soft color and aroma.

Properties of Citronella Essential Oil from Marnys

  • Can be used as a powerful insect repellant
  • It has a peculiar pleasant aroma of lemon
  • Its use as an anti-stress agent has been verified with satisfaction.
  • Practical and effective when it comes to relieving both muscular and body pain in general
  • Ideal to accompany meals as a flavor stabilizer
  • Can be used as an air freshener
  • Available in a practical and comfortable presentation
  • Contains completely natural Citronella essential oil

Marnys Citronella Essential Oil has become the ideal complement for your daily relaxation routine, in the same way you can use it when you are in places that require the application of an effective insect repellent, and if that were not enough, you can aromatize your home, office or any environment you want, or give a special touch to your food dishes. All these benefits make this great oil an essential product for you, so don't stay without it.

recommended use: As Chemotyped Oil you can use it by diluting 1 to 2 drops in salads, juices or infusions three (3) times per day maximum.


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