Choco Pro Bar – 50g


Scitec Nutrition presents Choco Pro, delicious and above all very nutritious bars made thanks to a combination that mainly concentrates whey protein, whey protein and casein, which is an excellent and very convenient choice to supply your body with the amount of protein you need even when you're away from home.

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Take your delicious Choco Pro bars wherever you go and complement your nutrition in the tastiest way with Scitec Nutrition.

If you need a healthy and convenient alternative to get out of the monotony and complement your nutrition between meals, then these delicious bars from Scitec Nutrition will be your best option.

Made with the purest ingredients where the incredible properties of whey, whey concentrate and casein stand out, making this a product that is not only a delicious option for a snack but also the easiest and most comfortable choice. to help your body absorb the proteins it demands daily and the best thing is that you can eat them anywhere you are whether you are relaxing in the park or on the beach, during a break at the GIM, at school , at work or wherever you want.

As we have previously mentioned the delicious Choco Pro from Scitec Nutrition, not only means an excellent option to have a snack or an afternoon snack but also represents an important protein and nutritional contribution to your body thanks to all the active ingredients gathered in the components used in its manufacture, and this is due to the incorporation of whey protein, whey protein and casein protein.Whey protein is ideal for promoting the rapid growth of healthy and fat-free muscle mass, losing body fat, increasing sports performance, but it also helps optimize immune functions in the body.

The whey proteins contained in the Choco Pro from Scitec Nutrition For their part, they are exceptional in the contribution of essential amino acids that they offer to the body and, in addition, this incredible protein is actively involved in promoting the construction of muscle fiber, increases the release of lysine, which is why it also helps in increasing the muscle mass and as if that were not enough, it contains high levels of leucine, which facilitates the rapid and total assimilation of nutrients, and in terms of Casein protein, we can highlight its enormous biological and nutritional value, it is rich in glutamine, which facilitates the prevention of catabolism or destruction of muscles due to exhaustion, so it is ideal to maintain progress in muscle tissues and to protect cellular health and also, it is rich in calcium, so consuming the delicious Choco Pro is ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, etc. because without a doubt it will help the protein reinforcement required for optimal physical performance.

Properties of ChocoPro from Scitec Nutrition

  • With proteins derived from milk, natural and quality.
  • Due to its size it is easy to carry in your backpack or pocket wherever you want to go.
  • It is low in sugar so it does not alter blood sugar levels.
  • Its fat and calorie content is low.
  • Serve as a mid-morning snack, or a mid-afternoon snack

Scitec Nutrition offers you the best food option if you want to take a delicious break from routine diets, but without leaving the healthy, consume the delicious and very nutritious Choco Pro and help your body with its incredible protein content.You will be impressed with the results!

recommended use: As a food supplement, consume one or two Choco Pro from Scitec Nutrition per day.


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