Chlorella algae – 90g


Drasanvi's Chlorella Algae is a comprehensive food supplement since it provides amino acids, vitamins and minerals to the body, widely used by athletes and sportspeople to increase their energy and physical resistance thanks to its energizing properties.

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Chlorella algae from Drasanvi, nutrients and energy for your exercises

Chlorella Algae is a microscopic plant collected only from freshwater known to have a large number of vitamins and minerals in its composition. It is highly sought after by athletes and sportsmen due to its most famous application as a comprehensive nutritional supplement given the large amount of nutrients it provides to the body. In addition, it provides the body with energy and increases physical resistance, improves the immune system, improves mental faculties such as memory and mood, and greatly benefits cardiovascular health. In addition to this, it also benefits the tissues and muscles of the body as well as helps reduce recovery times and stimulates the growth of new tissues and muscle fibers, so if your goal is to increase muscle mass naturally, Chlorella Algae of Drasanvi is your best option.

Every athlete and athlete seeks to improve their physical condition at all times to improve their performance in whatever discipline they work in, however, they do not always achieve this goal by simply choosing supplements of dubious quality or origin and end up losing months and even years of effort. Thinking about this fact, Drasanvi brings Chlorella Algae to the market, a totally natural product, extracted directly from freshwater sources to the palm of your hand. Chlorella Algae is known for its wonderful nutritional properties and for its stimulating effect on the growth of muscle mass.It is a food rich in vitamins and minerals that many trainers choose to improve their clients' nutrition, as well as their muscle regeneration and strengthening of tissues and joints. Being a totally natural product, it has the approval of the international scientific community and its beneficial effects are more than proven.

Properties of Drasanvi Chlorella Algae

  • Source of multiple vitamins and minerals
  • Provides essential amino acids to the body
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Regenerates and stimulates tissue growth
  • Improves mental faculties
  • Accelerates muscle regeneration
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Improves digestion
  • natural cleanser

All these benefits at your fingertips and brought to you directly from their source: Nature. Drasanvi's Chlorella Algae is the nutritional supplement par excellence and one of the most complete at a nutritional level that you can try. Its practical powder presentation makes it ideal to consume at any time of the day and enjoy its benefits from the first dose.

recommended use: Take at least 10 grams daily (1 teaspoon) by adding to shakes or puree-style preparations.


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