Brown Basmati Rice – 1kg


Ecosana's Integral Basmati Rice, sold in 1-kilogram packages, provides an extremely healthy food. It does not have gluten and is ideal for celiac people. Also, it is used in diets of people with diabetes. Lots of fiber that improves the digestive process. Wide range of vitamins and lots of minerals.

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Basmati Brown Rice from Ecosana, an incredible alternative to traditional rice to feed you in a healthier way, gluten-free

Ecosana Brown Basmati Rice is sold in 1-kilogram packages. It is a variety of rice characterized by having a long grain. It has an exquisite fragrance and a very particular flavor. For hundreds of years it has been cultivated in India and Pakistan. They are recognized by their particularly elongated shape and because when cooked they tend to stick together. It is much richer in fibers and minerals than the rest of the rice on the market. In its integral version, it is a much darker color. It has the enormous advantage that it does not contain gluten and significantly prevents the appearance of cholesterol in the blood. For this last reason, it is perfect to avoid cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. For all these reasons, Ecosana Integral Basmati Rice is very useful for all those people who want to lead a healthy life through food. It has an additional advantage: even being integral, it manages to cook quite quickly, since it does not require more than half an hour to soften when placed in boiling water.

Among the different varieties of rice, the Basmati type has a double condition: it is surrounded by a halo of exoticism and at the same time it is known to be much healthier. The first occurs because it has been used in Indian or Asian cuisine, for which it has a touch of distant lands.The second is due to recent scientific studies showing that it has twice the fiber of commercial rice. Therefore, it improves the digestive system and eliminates excess fat consumed in everyday foods. It provides an incredible 10% of the protein that people need in their daily diet. It has a wide spectrum of vitamins, among which those of the B complex stand out. It also provides an interesting dose of vitamin E and vitamin K that combine to optimize the blood coagulation mechanism. Finally, it should be noted that it does not contain gluten and has a fairly good glycemic index. These last two properties make it ideal for those who suffer from celiac disease or diabetes.

Properties of Ecosana Integral Basmati Rice

  • Rice in integral format
  • 100% natural
  • Healthier than commercial rice
  • Lots of fibers
  • Contribution of minerals and vitamins
  • Helps to significantly improve digestion

Basmati rice contains more fibers than conventional rice (twice as much) and that is why it helps to eliminate the fats that are eaten daily in the daily diet.

recommended use: prepare it in hot water, for an estimated time of half an hour or at most 45 minutes.


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